Ugg Size Chart Your Best Guide For The Right Size

I’m always cold.

From May to July, I’m usually perfectly comfortable, thanks to the summer heat. 

Starting in mid-August, though, I find myself wrapped up in my favorite snuggly sweaters, comfy sweats, and thick socks. But, no matter what I did, there was nothing that could please my freezing feet. 

When I moved to the northern part of my state, I discovered the temperatures are significantly lower come wintertime. I knew it was time to find something a little cozier to tuck my tootsies into.

While searching for the solution to my winter woes, I spent hours scrolling page after page of slippers and wooly socks. While I could see how these products might work for your average girl, I knew that I needed something a bit more reliable.

Finally, I stumbled upon Ugg boots.

After reading countless reviews, I had to see what all the hype was about. When my package finally arrived, I could hardly contain my excitement as I tore open the box.

Oh. My. Goodness.

When I slipped my foot into my first pair, I knew it was a sign that we were a match made in heaven.

And that’s how my relationship with Ugg boots began.

What are Ugg Boots?

Ugg boots tend to rise and fall in the trend cycles, but their durable comfort and creative design have long been a fashion industry staple.

In 1978, an Australian surfer named Brian Smith introduced the sheepskin Classic Boot to SoCal surf shops. Soon, the iconic footwear became a staple of 80s beach bum culture.

A true Ugg is made of twin-faced, tanned sheepskin with a plush wool inner and a flexible Treadlite sole for added traction in snow, ice, or rain.

Today, Ugg boots continue their reign as trendy footwear, thanks to their weather-ready warmth, range of colors and styles, and supreme comfort.

A Complete Guide to Ugg Boot Size

With the chilly weather months on their way, it’s time to start thinking about cute but cozy ways to stay warm.

Ugg boots offer a toasty combination of tanned sheepskin and Merino wool.

They can be tricky to size because of the extra layers of fluff.

Even comparing the sole of the boot to footwear that fits you perfectly won’t work. The soles are designed larger than average to contain the snuggly fleece.

We’ve put together a handy sizing guide to help you find your true fit, so you can be sure to enjoy years of dreamy foot comfort. Are UGGs Waterproof? Your Guide For UGGs Care

Why Is It Important To Find My Ugg Boot Size?

When you invest in luxury footwear, you expect that they’ll be comfortable and durable enough to make it worth your money.

Proper sizing is critical to get the most life out of your Uggs.

How Should My Ugg Boots Feel?

When you first slip into a luxurious pair of genuine sheepskin Ugg boots, it should be a snug fit at the heel and toe. Your feet should not be able to slip forward or backward.

Over the next few months, the Merino wool will compress, creating more room inside of your boots. If you purchase your Ugg boots and they are already too large, they will be an even looser fit as you break them in.

On the other hand, a perfectly fitting pair that is tight at first will mold to your feet, giving you years of warm, well-insulated footwear.

Should I Size Up or Size Down?

The best way to know whether you should size up or down is to measure your feet and, in some cases, your calves. It’s the only way you can be sure that you’re shopping for the right fit.

Measuring Your Foot

When you’re ready to measure your foot, follow these easy steps:

  • Gather your supplies.
  • You only need a pencil and a piece of paper larger than your foot.
  • Draw a vertical line down the middle of the page, with some room left at the back and front.
  • Lay the paper down on the ground and center your foot on the vertical line.
  • Mark the line where the tip of your longest toe and back of your foot hit.
  • Repeat with your other foot.
  • Measure between the two marks, then use the handy size chart below to convert your measurements.

If one foot is slightly longer than the other, use the larger measurement as your sizing guide for optimal comfort.

Measuring Your Calf

Ugg has Classic and Tall styles, so you may want to measure your calf to ensure you’re comfortable in your new sheepskin accessories.

To measure your calf, wrap a soft tape measure around the widest part.

Then, cross-reference your calf width to the boot circumference of your favorite style:

  • Bailey Bow II – 14″
  • Classic Solene Tall – 14″
  • Sienna Rain Boot – 14″
  • Cardy – 15″
  • Shaye Rain Boot – 15 ¼”
  • Bailey Button Triplet II – 16″
  • Bailey Bow Tall II – 16″
  • Classic Short – 16″
  • Classic Tall II – 16″

If your calf size is larger than the boots you want, you may want to consider shopping for an ankle-height Mini boot instead!

Tips for Sizing Your Ugg Boots

There are so many options for shoe fans searching for their perfect sheepskin boots, and it all starts a good fit. 

While shopping online is convenient, please keep in mind that the best way to find your size is by trying Ugg boots on in person. 


The pull-on style has been around for years, moving from the surfing communities of SoCal to the Hollywood red carpet in the early 2000s. 

Celebs like Ashley Tisdale, Beyonce, Ben Affleck, and Shia Lebeauf have showcased their well-loved boots in photos, forever cementing their status as fashion icons.

Ugg has continued to create unique and innovative boots through the years. As their menu of shoes has grown, so does your need to pay close attention to sizing.

For example, the taller the boot, the more you have to worry about calf size. Be sure to take the shaft width of taller boots, like the Classic Cardy and Classic Tall, into account.

You may want to consider how difficult or easy it is to slip your foot into the footbed, as well.

When sizing, place the boot on the ground, put your foot in the shaft, and apply gentle pressure. If it goes in with no effort, it’s too big. If you have to struggle and tug, it’s too small.

Zip-Ups and Lace-Ups

The Neumel, Neumel High, Neumel Platform Zip, Mini Zip, Classic Zip, and Weather Hiker are zip-up or lace-up styles that hit the top of the ankle or below.

That means you don’t have to worry about your calf width, but you should try on the socks you plan to wear with your boots. If your preferred socks are too thick, it could make your chosen size a bit uncomfortable.

Unlike the pull-on boots, you want your toes to have plenty of wiggle room in the lace-up and zip-up styles. You may want to size up if you notice any pinching.

Finally, you should also adjust the laces and take a short walk before heading to the checkout. By skipping eyelets or loosening the fit, you can adjust the boots to meet your needs.

Adult Ugg Boots Size Chart

If you’ve been looking for an Ugg boots size chart to guide your purchase, the search is finally over!

I’ve included everything you need to find your size, including the US, UK, Euro, and heel-to-toe measurements. 

Happy sizing!


U.S.UKEuroHeel-Toe (IN)


U.S.UKEuroHeel-Toe (IN)


Your favorite Ugg boots just got so much more adorable!

Whether it’s the simple yet stylish Classic Boot, darling Bailey Bow, or ultra-luxe Classic Buckle, there’s something even more charming about the Australian import when it’s scaled-down for kids.

With sizes available from baby to big kids, you can keep your mini-me cozy and warm with their very own pair of Ugg boots.


Kids’ boots aren’t available in a half-size, so finding the best fit can be a little challenging.

I recommend always sizing up with children because their feet grow so fast. 

If you get the smaller size, you’ll be investing in a new pair of plush-lined boots for your little one sooner rather than later.

Also, please keep in mind that the kids’ calf sizes are one-size-fits-all.

Baby Size Chart, 0–24 Months

U.S.UKEuroHeel-Toe (IN)

Toddler Size Chart, 2–5 Years

U.S.UKEuroHeel-Toe (IN)

Baby Size Chart, 0–24 Months

U.S.UKEuroHeel-Toe (IN)

Wrap Up

Ugg boots come in pretty much every shape and size under the sun, so you should have no trouble hunting down your new favorite cold-weather wardrobe staple.

Just remember that your size should take precedence over the style. 

It might be tempting to snag the last Bailey Bow II shoebox, despite it being a size too small, but it’s not worth paying luxury prices for boots you can’t tolerate for more than a few hours.

Get miles and years out of your investment by shopping for the right sizes.