Where Are Ariat Boots Made?

Most Ariat boots are made in China and Mexico.

Some boots are made in the United States (in Union City).

It’s surprising that cowboy boots the American symbol; not made in the United States.

Outsourcing boots can save a lot of expenses from hourly wages and taxes.

Also, work regulations in some countries are easier than in the United States. That’s why most companies outsource their products from China, which is considered the “workshop of the world.”

Are American-Made Boots Better Than Imported Boots?

Of course, American boots are better with quality craftsmanship and also better leather materials.

American cowboy boots are known for their class and durability.

It could be more expensive, but you have to pay more for better quality.

It’s important to check online where the boots are made from.

They don’t tell you where the product is made on the website (you can find out if you look inside the boots or call (877) 702-7428).

What Countries Provide The Leather Needed To Make Boots?

The United States is the biggest provider of cowhide, which is the main material of leather boots.

China is the biggest buyer of cowhide

Facts About Ariat Boots

It was founded by Beth Cross and Pam Parke.

Beth Cross worked for Reebok and Avia.

In 1993, they launched their company.

Their first boots were made for athletic shoes and horse riding boots.

After their first pair, the company made a great splash and made other boots for sports and outdoor activities.

They have the best horseback riding boots.

They are the official footwear of the Federation Equestrian International.

The headquarters are in California, but most of their work done in Asia, and so does the material.

Ariat has developed the best winter boots with high linings to keep your feet warm in freezing temperatures.

Ariat boots provide many styles for children too.

Ariat boots had a variety of styles and a great return policy.

Popular Ariat Boots

Ariat Fatbaby Western Boot.

Ariat Men’s Groundbreaker Square Toe Work Boot

Ariat Women’s Round Up Wide Cowboy Boot

Ariat Men’s Western Rambler Boot

Are Ariat Boots Handmade?

The majority of Ariat boots are machine-made, but some are handcrafted.

Are Ariat Boots Made With Real Leather?

Yes, it is made with real leather that comes from cowhide and some buffalo leather.

Do Ariat Boots Have a Lifetime Warranty?

Unfortunately, no, just a one-year warranty.

How Long Do Ariat Boots Last?

Normally, it will last about 5 years.

With good care, it will last you more than 10 years.

Final Thoughts

You may be curious about why the manufacturer is not in the United States.

But if you think about it, most of the products are not made in the United States.

I am sure you are looking for the best quilty, so please contact the company to make sure it you get the pair made in the united states 

If you decide to buy Ariat boots, make sure to pick the right size

Don’t forget to tell us about your experience