Bearpaw vs Uggs Which One Is The Winner

There’s a great deal of conversation in the fashion world about Bearpaw and Uggs, two very famous brands that we will be comparing today.

We have completed thorough research into each of these brands and the products they’re most known for.

Our research includes customer reviews, professional reviews, and the information provided by the retailers.

In addition, we’ve looked into what each shoe has to offer and are here to give you the information that you need to decide for yourself.

Each of these shoes has become massively popular. Bearpaw boots are known for their extensive line of footwear that can be worn for many different occasions year-round.

Ugg boots are most known for winter wear but can also fit the fashion trends year-long.

Think about how you may want to wear and use each brand as we review and dive into each shoe’s style, features, varieties, and approaches.

First Impressions

The first thing that comes to mind is, of course, first impressions.

When you hold each in your hand, which is more likely to stand out?

Does either of these shoes have an obvious moment where they’re better than the other?

Which Is Better?

When deciding which is better, there are many factors that you need to consider. For example, if you’re looking for snow boots, there’s a high chance that Ugg boots might beat Bearpaw boots.

This is because Uggs are synonymous with winter and are well-known for being hardy enough to withstand snow without being uncomfortable for the wearer.

Bearpaw boots might be the better boot if you’re searching for sheepskin boots at a different time of year.

You might also find yourself more attracted to one specific color or style over the others. But, ultimately, the one that will be better at a glance is the one that will fit your personal needs and desires.

When to Wear Each

Uggs are specifically meant to be worn in cold weather. This means that they’re best with fall or winter clothes and often fit that style best.

However, wearing Ugg boots during the summer or spring may be a bit of a social faux pas. Ugg Size Chart Your Best Guide For The Right Size

Most commonly, Ugg boots are matched with dark jeans or black leggings, which are usually tucked into the boots themselves.

Bearpaw boots are also supposed to be worn during the winter and can survive harsher conditions than Uggs.

Bearpaw footwear is a bit more varied and can fit more styles, so you may be able to get away with more casual footwear and wearing them during somewhat warmer weather.

However, the most well-known use for these sheepskin boots is wearing them during heavy snow.

Feature Comparison

We now know that both of these boots are for use during winter, fall, and snow, so what’s the main difference?

After all, if both have the same physical use, doesn’t it just come down to aesthetical differences?

Ultimately, there are still plenty of differences between Bearpaw shoes and the Ugg brand.

While both may be winter boots, the build and quality of each are drastically different.

Consider the following four differences as you look into Bearpaw boots vs Uggs boots and how to decide which is right for you.

Color and Style Variety

One of the main things you’ll be picking your shoe on is the color and style variety. Ugg boots come in a few styles that they’re most well-known for.

So there’s a high chance that when you picture this brand, you think of tan boots with a white fleece interior lining.

Still, Uggs come in many different colors, with the warm boots being available in slippers, high-heels, and even as motorcycle boots.

Bearpaw boots come in many of the same styles but are missing a few of the options that Ugg presents.

Their sheepskin lining and suede cow leather can come in dark brown, tan, white, beige, black, pink, blue, and green.

Some retailers offer more custom colors and designs. The stitching is much more visible than Ugg boots, and Bearpaws are known for holding their upright shapes.

The winner between the two comes down to what you prefer. Ugg boots have more styles and a specific snow boot design that may put it in the lead over Bearpaw.

Bearpaw, however, also has some styles like sandals that Uggs aren’t available in.

As far as options go, Uggs provide more colors and styles for you to choose from, giving it the lead in options over Bearpaw for this category.

Different Material Builds

Both of these boots have different construction as well.

To begin with Bearpaw, this time, we have a much heavier, more sturdy boot. We already mentioned that the boots are rugged enough to stand upright rather than slouch like Uggs do, which can help keep them clean and increased.

Bearpaws also have a thick rubber sole that can give better traction in the snow and withstand more wear and tear.

Overall, Bearpaw boots are heavier, primarily due to their thick rubber sole and suede cow leather outer. However, this can also lead to a less comfortable shoe.

This makes Bearpaw boots a better pick for rugged environments like hiking, camping, or other outdoor wintertime activities.

Still, they’re a soft, warm sheepskin boot that won’t leave you disappointed.

On the other hand, one may find themselves preferring a sheepskin Ugg boot for their winter wear.

This is especially the case if you don’t intend to be doing much rugged outdoor work. Uggs are considered to be the more comfortable boots between the two.

Lightweight and generally softer, they’re also sometimes thought of as a bit warmer than Bearpaw.

That said, they also may not last as long.

The foam sole wears down quicker than the thick rubber of Bearpaw, but the sheepskin upper often lasts longer.

As far as sheepskin footwear goes, both leather boots will wear down at about the same time but will wear in different places.

Bearpaw boots hold up better in more rugged conditions, whereas regular wear with Uggs will usually be a longer-lasting product.

Sustainability and Ethics

One of the essential forefronts for fashion nowadays is sustainability and ethical practices. Both Bearpaw and Ugg present themselves with these ethical practices first in mind.

 On their website, Bearpaw is adamant about their environmental care and use of sustainable materials.

For example, after teaming up with PETA, Bearpaw recently discontinued all rabbit fur products, using real animal fur on some boots with sustainable sourcing.

Bearpaw makes it a point to educate and inspire employees and reduce waste.

In addition, they are committed to finding environmentally friendly ways to produce and package their many products and proudly tout that their headquarters is powered using solar panels.

Overall, Bearpaw operates with sustainability in mind with every step.

Uggs tend to focus on sustainability and consider responsible fashion the future rather than a passing fad.

The fashion company does everything to minimize waste in their product supply chain, such as using reclaimed wool for up to 99% of their shoes.

This also leads to less water, energy, and carbon emissions compared to “virgin wool.”

Sustainable sugarcane is used to produce their SugarSole foam soles, preventing rubber usage.

In addition, the plastic used in shoes and packaging is reclaimed, with about two reclaimed plastic bottles being used in every pair of shoes.

Finally, the company is also carbon-neutral, using materials in their shoes that offset the carbon cost of creating them.

In short, both Uggs and Bearpaw focus heavily on sustainability.

Ugg production is based heavily on reused and reclaimed materials, while Bearpaw shoes are based on sustainable practices.

Faux fur and real fur are both used for Bearpaw as well. Overall, neither is truly “more sustainable” than the other, with both brands being a fantastic option for the ethically-minded consumer.

Bearpaw vs Uggs: The Winner

So, which of the two is the “better” shoe?

It can be challenging to decide a winner in Bearpaw boots vs Ugg boots.

Here are some situations where each shoe might be the winner.

Better Overall Shoe

Generally, Ugg can be considered the better overall shoe.

The brand is older and more recognizable, often making it the fashion-forward choice for most wearers. 

It also tends to last longer depending on the wearer, what environment they wear it in and how they care of it.

In addition, the outer layer of the shoe is more likely to last due to being twin-faced sheepskin.

Ultimately, the better overall shoe will come down to you and your uses for the winter boots. Bearpaw boots vs Ugg boots is an extremely close race, and both have their ups and downs.

What Buyer Wants What?

If you’re a more outdoorsy buyer, you may want to focus on Bearpaw boots.

The shoes are generally more rugged in the sole, making them much more useful for hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities.

In addition, the visible stitching can be a selling point for those who want to have a more dominant mark on their fashion.

Uggs are more common for regular wear.

Traditional Uggs are snow boots second and fashion boots first. While they can withstand the snow and the outdoors, they’re primarily used for fashion and comfort.

However, you may choose to go for Uggs if you want to purchase slippers or around-the-house shoes as well.

Bearpaw boots vs Uggs can come down to how you want to deal with cold weather. Bearpaw and Uggs are both useful if you want a designer that will produce warm boots.

The sheepskin footbed of each provides comfort and warmth, and the sheepskin lining inside most models of each designer’s boots will keep your feet warm regardless of the weather.

You might choose Ugg production if you aren’t a fan of the faux fur lining commonly used in Bearpaws. But, overall, the best boot comes down to the wants and desires of the wearer of the shoes.


Like any product, both Bearpaw boots and Uggs come with plenty of pros and cons – and it’s a good idea to know what they are before purchasing.

Bearpaw Pros

  • Extremely useful for outdoor activities like hiking and camping
  • More durable soles
  • Signature design and stitching
  • Sheepskin footbed provides wearers with plenty of warmth, especially during colder weather

Bearpaw Cons

  • Uses faux fur lining that some wearers may not like the look of
  • May feel a little rigid when you wear them, especially at first

Uggs Pros

  • Signature look and design associated with the brand
  • Comfortable and warm footbed
  • Can endure colder weather and winters better
  • Great for wearing around the house

Uggs Cons

  • Designed for fashion before usefulness
  • Not as durable


Neither of these shoes is difficult to find, making it easy for those that want to purchase them.

Bearpaws can be found at TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Macy’s, and the Summit, as well as some other retailers.

You can also purchase them directly from Bearpaw’s site or from Amazon, where you’ll find the best Bearpaw shoes.

Uggs are often purchased from their product store Ugg Australia or from Amazon, which also has the best Uggs.

Otherwise, you can easily find them at Journeys, Nordstrom, many sports stores, and a wide variety of other general clothing stores.

In addition, as with Bearpaw, you can often purchase Ugg boots directly from the Ugg site itself.