10 Best Knock Off Doc Martens Worth Checking

I tested 10 products and found the ICHIGO Ankle Boots to be the best knock-off Dr. Martens.

I’ve loved Doc Marten for years because they look like combat boots, but you can dress them up or down. They’re quality boots and look nice even after wearing them day after day, but you pay for that durability. Instead of breaking the bank to buy a Doc Marten combat boot, I knew I had to find stylish knock-offs.

I spent days browsing every online shoe store, whether it was a discount store or high-end. I also checked big box stores and department stores. I knew I had to look at every style of boot, including combat boots and ankle boots, to find dream pairs that looked most like Dr. Martens. Some styles were hard to find, so buying a knock-off was ideal.

The ICHIGO Ankle Boots look like true Doc Martens to the untrained eye. Even as a hardcore Doc fan, I had to do a double-take with these boots. I couldn’t believe how affordable they were, how much they looked like Dr. Martens, and how good they felt on my feet.

After trying so many different types of boots, I realized that a lot of them were quality knock-off Dr. Martens. So I kept them on the list and rated them according to what they were best for.

When you’re buying knock-off Dr. Martens, you want a specific look, and these boots hit the mark exactly. I included the best black, white, and colored boots. I also found the best tall boots, low tops, and for certain styles.

If you’re looking for a pair—or dream pairs—of knock-off Dr. Martens, this list has the right boots for you. Whether you’re going for a classic look or something unique, read on to find an affordable option.

Product Mini-Reviews

Knock-off Doc Martens are more affordable than the real thing, but you’ll love how original these combat boots and ankle boots look. Whether you’re looking for specific colors or certain styles, you’ll find a little bit of everything on this list of Doc Marten dupes.



These ankle boots from ICHIGO are the closest I could find to the signature look of Dr. Martens. They have a patent leather look with thick treads and a slight heel. There is contrast stitching around the chunky sole of the boot that draws your eye, just like Doc Marten.

The boots have laces climbing the front, but these boots have a zip hidden on the side. You can string the laces and leave them tied up, then rely on the side zipper to get the boots off and on.

ICHIGO’s patent material look is a big plus because they’re not using real leather. This makes the boots not only cheaper but also easier to clean. You can wipe any mud or spills off of these boots and keep them looking new.

Along with the treads, the metal eyelets make these boots look hardcore, but they’re fashion boots. You can try to wear them on hikes, but you might wear them out too quickly. Since they’re women’s fashion boots, you’ll have to find the right size. Doc Marten boots are unisex, so to get the equivalent in other boots, you might have to go a size or two larger.


  • Zip up design makes them easy to put on and take off
  • Sizes are more accurate than Unisex boots
  • Easy to Clean


  • Fashion boots may not be as durable

BayQ Combat Boots – Best For Bright White

Wearing bright white combat boots makes a striking statement, and you can’t go wrong with these affordable knock-off Dr. Martens from BayQ. They offer the boots in all black as well but wait until you see how clean the white is next to stark black laces.

These boots look stylish because the base isn’t solid black. It’s a transparent PVC which makes it flexible when you’re walking and bending your foot. When layered against the dark brown sole, the tread almost looks gold.

The white part of the boots is synthetic leather, making them not only affordable but also waterproof. They’re also more comfortable than real leather, so you’ll have no problem breaking in these boots and moving your ankle.

Breathable insoles wick away sweat and provide cushion when you’re walking. Though they look stylish like Doc Marten boots, you’ll have no problem wearing these boots on a hike. And since they’re so stylish, you’re going to look good—and feel good—doing it.


  • PVC sole is flexible for comfortable walking
  • Synthetic leather is water resistant
  • Insoles provide breathable materials


  • May run small


Soda makes fun Dr. Martens alternatives in a variety of colors. You’ll find combat boots in vibrant shades like pink, blue, green, and red. They also offer more muted colors like burgundy, brown, tan, sand, and cream. And, of course, black and white.

The artificial leather is shiny for some color options and matte for others, so the overall style will depend on your favorite shade. But these combat boots look like Dr. Martens’ fun, colorful options at a fraction of the price.

Most colors have stark black laces, but some shades have different colors. The bone boots, for instance, have cream laces. The camel boots have tan laces. Of course, if you’re getting boots in a unique color, you have the freedom to change your laces to something totally different to match or contrast your shoes.

The laces on these boots are mostly for style, anyway. There’s a zipper on the side, so you can easily take them on and off. Like the original Doc Martens, they have heavy treads and slight heels. The ankle boots run true to size, so you don’t have to buy anything larger.


  • Stylish design with easy zipper application
  • Several color options to choose from
  • True to Size


  • Shiny material may resemble rain boots


While you’re checking out all these unique colored boots, consider looking at a rare material as well. Doc Marten offers some wild styles, but these Olivia Miller Women’s Faux Crocodile Leather Combat Boots are like nothing you’ve seen before.

Choose from black or brown, but you’re going to get a Dr. Martens look due to the thick, rugged sole. These boots have laces and a side zip, so you get the best of both worlds in terms of ease of putting them on. The matte, skid-resistant rubber sole has a slight platform.

Though these lug soles look tough like Doc Marten, they’re lightweight and won’t add stress to your feet when you’re walking. These ankle boots actually distribute weight very well. They have memory foam insoles so you’ll feel fine while standing or walking in them.

They’re made of faux vegan crocodile leather that gives a wonderful texture to the boot. They have a slight shine, and the speckled laces draw your attention to that fact even more. There are also some decorative elements around the arch and heel. The stitching there will grab everyone’s attention.


  • Made from Vegan materials
  • Lightweight design
  • Memory foam insoles for added comfort


  • Not Washer/Dryer safe


These combat boots come in men’s sizes, but anyone can wear them and look stylish. They’re made of real leather so each pair looks unique. You can choose from black or cognac. The black boots are matte, while the cognac has a bit of a shine, making them look dressier.

The cognac boots have complementary-colored laces, while the black boots come with solid black laces. Both shoes have thin black soles and a slight heel. There’s a bit of tread on the bottom, but it’s nothing compared to the classic look of Doc Martens. These are a great knock-off version of their work boots.

Because these boots are real leather, they’re the most expensive option on the list. However, they’re still more affordable than Dr. Martens, so it’s worth exploring the alternative. Even though they’re real leather, Duke’s treats them to make them water-resistant.

These boots look stylish like Doc Marten, but they’re not made for fashion. They’re sturdy enough to wear as work boots or on a hike. They have a cushioned insole with shock absorption. They’re breathable and have a leather cover for odor management.


  • Made from real leather
  • Latex foam offers shock absorption
  • Water resistant


  • Sole may separate easily


Doc Martens boots have a certain style—they look sturdy, strong, and punk. But adding a military twist gives you an amazing look. These Bruno Marc Men’s Military Motorcycle Combat Military Boots have buckles, zips, and grommets that elevate the aesthetic.

You’re not limited to plain black combat boots with Bruno Marc. You can choose from black, brown, and dark brown. Within those three colorways are two distinct styles. One pair has grommets, decorative zippers, and buckles. The other only has grommets and buckles.

The black boots have silver accents, while the brown use complementary copper metal. The dark brown stands out with gold metal accents. This gives each boot a unique look. Fortunately, they’re so affordable you can splurge on several pairs if you can’t choose.

The boots themselves are artificial leather, which is the reason they’re so affordable. It also makes them comfortable. The material has a natural gloss to give them a slight shine. They have a rubber outsole and are very flexible. There’s a slight heel to the boot, giving them a vintage look.

The interior of the combat boots has padding to prevent them from rubbing your ankles. The soles are also cushioned for maximum support.


  • Padded collar to avoid rubbing
  • Stylish design
  • Breathable leather insole


  • Soles may not be very durable


These shoes look exactly like Dr. Martens’ Oxfords at a cheaper price. They have a platform rubber outsole that’s about 1.5 inches tall. The top is patent leather, which accounts for the shine, making it an excellent shoe.

These Oxford shoes have accent trim that gives an interesting look to the shoe. You’re not limited to black when you shop with DADAWEN—they also have a bright red that looks impeccable with the shiny finish. The red shoes even come with red laces for maximum style.

Though the platform might put you off, these shoes are as comfortable as any others you’d wear. They have a soft leather lining that makes the interior breathable and supportive. The platforms themselves are very lightweight, so you won’t strain your feet with extra weight. They have non-skid soles, so they can handle any terrain as well.

They fit true to size, so you can order your standard shoe size and get the right fit. You’ll want to wear these shoes all the time, and they’ll always suit the occasion. Wear them to work, out with friends, on a date, or even with more formal clothes. Play up the shine, and your shoes will take center stage.


  • Lightweight design
  • Skid resistant soles
  • Updated sizing chart for a comfortable fit


  • May appear cheaply made


The height of these boots and the fact that they’re made of real leather make them more expensive than many options on this list. They’re almost the same price as the Doc Marten version, but you still get a bargain.

These boots are 11 inches tall and have a side zipper, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time lacing them up and untying them each day. They look no-nonsense because they are—real law enforcement officers wear these boots.

But there are still some elements of fashion to them. They have a shiny toe with decorative trim. There’s also a snap flap over the zip to keep it from rubbing against your calves.

If you like the tough vibe that Dr. Martens gives you, you’ll love the Bates Men’s Paratrooper boots. They have a streamlined look that gives you a lot of style.


  • Made from 100% leather
  • Easy to clean or polish
  • Built to last


  • May be uncomfortable until you wear them in


If you love the ease of a side zip, you’ll love slip-on boots. Since you have to pull them on over your heel, you want to go a half size up to make the process easier or if you have wide feet. There’s an elastic panel in the ankle to help you get them on.

Besides the black elastic panel, the rest of these boots are faux leather. That material gives them the same look as the classic Dr. Martens combat boot without the laces. If you want a smooth front to your boot for dressier occasions or to better fit your pants, this is the pair for you.

These boots have more of a platform sole than the signature Doc Martens heavy tread and heel, but they still give the overall aesthetic. The sturdy soles give your feet support when you’re standing and walking and will last for a long time.

Katliu offers this style of boot in other colors, too. You can choose from black, white with black tread, or brown with black tread. Since they’re so affordable compared to real Doc Martens, you might find yourself splurging on all three.


  • Non-slip sole for better traction
  • Elastic design for easy application
  • Sturdy sole for added support


  • May be tight on wider feet


It’s hard to find rain boots that are stylish, but this Chelsea boot from Amoji fits the bill. You can choose from olive, navy, and burgundy lace-up boots. If you like slip-ons, you can find those in black, brown, navy, and olive.

The lace-up version of these boots looks like the classic Chelsea boot from Doc Martens, except they’re completely waterproof. Not only do you not have to worry about the rain ruining them, but they’re also easy to clean if you get stuck in the mud.

The treads have an anti-slip grip to keep you from slipping on wet surfaces. The structure of the boots keeps your feet in place inside, as well. You don’t have to worry about your feet moving around as you walk because the boots basically cradle them.

Once you’re inside where it’s dry, you can just slip the Chelsea boot off. They have an elastic design, so you don’t have to struggle to untie soggy laces.


  • 100% waterproof
  • An array of colors to choose from
  • Easy to clean


  • May not offer a lot of support

Buying Guide

When you’re browsing for a pair of Doc Martens alternatives, there are a few things you want to consider. Knowing what features to look for will help you find the perfect pair for your style, whether it’s a combat boot or something else.


There are so many styles of knock-off Dr. Martens that you’ll have no trouble finding one to suit your aesthetic. You can choose classic black, striking white, or vivid colors. Some manufacturers offer boots in the standard black but also have a few other options, like brown, burgundy, or even pink.

Boot style goes beyond colors. You might like low tops that look more like dress shoes or tall boots that come over your calves. Boots made of matte artificial leather look classy, but boots made of shiny pleather or crocodile skin add some sparkle to your outfit.

While almost all the boots on this list have laces, you don’t have to untie them every time you take them off. Several models have side zips, so you can get them on easily. The zipper also adds an element of style, like a decorative buckle.

You also want to find a style that is comfortable for you if you have wide feet. It’s not a lot of work to ensure the dimensions fit your feet. You want to find an excellent pair, if not your dream pairs of Doc Marten dupes.

The style also impacts how much the boots look like Doc Martens. You can find great boots at a cheap price, but they might not look like Doc Martens. If you like the style of Doc Martens, then choosing any of the knock-off Dr. Martens on this list will give you what you’re looking for.

There are so many different types of Doc Martens dupes on the market that you’re sure to find something you want. So start thinking about the perfect boots to play up your wardrobe and shop until you find them.


Just because boots are knock-offs doesn’t mean they’re low-quality footwear. Knock-off refers to the style they’re imitating. You can still find high-quality boots that are Doc Martens look-alikes. In some cases, you might have to choose if you want a great quality boot or one that looks most like Doc Martens.

In terms of quality, you also have to decide what material you like. You can choose real leather or vegan-friendly boots. You want something that is flexible and breathable to prevent blisters and sweaty feet.

The quality of the boots can also impact the sizing, so try them on if possible or read reviews if you’re ordering online. Some manufacturers advise you to size up for the right fit. You can always wear thicker socks with boots that feel too big for you, but if they’re too small, you’ll have to return them.


The good thing about buying knock-off Dr. Martens is that the price tag is always more affordable than the original. But you still want to shop around a bit and choose a pair that best suits your budget. Style and quality definitely play into price, so you should set reasonable limits.

Buying artificial leather boots will always bring down the price. It’s true that leather lasts longer, but you have to weigh those pros and cons for yourself. There are great quality leather knock-off Dr. Martens on this list if that’s the material you want.

It’s possible to find a really cheap pair of boots, but they might not look great and won’t last long. It’s worth paying a little more to get something you really want. Just remember, they’re all more affordable than Doc Marten!


Doc Martens dupes are a great alternative to the real thing because you save money but still get great-looking boots. They’re more comfortable than Doc Marten, and won’t cause blisters as you break them in. You can also choose more styles than the original.

When it comes to a classic-looking pair of knock-off Dr. Martens, you can’t go wrong with the ICHIGO Ankle Boots. These look like the original, from the streamlined style down to the impressive treads. They’re a classic black and seem sturdy and heavy-duty.

There are so many options of Doc Martens alternatives in various colors, heights, and styles. Choose from laces, zips, or slip-ons. Choose boots with contrasting treads or waterproof materials.

If you’re looking for the perfect pair of Doc Martens alternatives, go ahead and buy the boots that most suit your style. You won’t break the bank, and you’ll love your new boots.