Dansko vs Sanita Which Pair Is Better ?

In this article, we’re comparing Dansko vs. Sanita clogs.

As someone who stands on their feet all day for work, it’s important to have a comfortable pair of shoes that fit well.

Medical professionals, restaurant workers, and teachers love the comfort provided by clogs.

The same manufacturer used to make both Sanita and Dansko clogs, but they branched into two separate brands in 2007.

Because they ended their partnership, many people want to know the differences between the two types of shoes.

At a Glance

It’s tough to pick the better option between these two brands since they’re both of great quality. If you’re basing your decision on price alone, it comes down to Sanita clogs being a more affordable choice.

Both brands have a variety of colors and styles and you can purchase them online. Sanita and Dansko use quality materials that will look stylish and clean with many outfits, both professional and casual.

There are some differences, too, which you’ll read about. They’re broken down according to the features.

Weatherproof patent leather, rubber, or polyurethane. Breathable interior

Waterproof proof patent leather, rubber, or polyurethane. Breathable interior
High arches, rubber piping, loose fit
High Arches, loose fit
Sizing may vary based on hand made manufacturingSizing is more consistentSanita
SolesMemory foam interior, removable footbed, slip resistantSlip resistantDansko
SafetySlip resistantSlip resistant, antistaticSanita
SqueakingCan squeak if not treatedCan squeak if not treatedTie
WeightDepends on shoe style, actively works to reduce weight of shoeDepends on shoe style, actively works to reduce weight of shoeTie
Foot PainSeveral models with The American Podiatric Medical Association seal of approvalOne model with The American Podiatric Medical Association seal of approvalDansko
DurabilityCarefully tanned leather, reinforced seams, last for roughly 3 yearsCarefully tanned leather, reinforced seams, last for roughly 3 yearsTie
AvailabilityEasily found online and in storesEasily found onlineDansko


Though these two brands of shoes are similar, there are differences between them. When you break down each feature, you’ll see a clear winner.


The upper part of the shoe is usually made of leather, patent leather, polyurethane, or rubber. You can find different materials based on your professional needs. For example, the brands make chef clogs from more stain-resistant materials.

Regardless of your purpose for wearing them, the materials for Dansko and Sanita clogs make them resistant to moisture and easy to clean. Before wearing a new pair of clogs, treat them with a protective spray

These sprays help weatherproof your shoes and ensure you can wipe away any liquid spills. This is one reason that medical professionals and restaurant workers love Sanita and Dansko clogs.

You can spot-clean even oiled leather clogs, as long as you don’t saturate the material with water. Choosing the right upper material for your clogs can ensure they’ll last a long time and still look as good as new.

Wearing shoes made of patent leather, rubber, or polyurethane might sound uncomfortable, but after wearing both Sanita and Dansko clogs, reviewers say there’s no rubbing during wear.

The lining material of the clogs can also make a difference in terms of style, comfort, and fit. Both clogs have breathable inner linings that wick away moisture so you won’t be wearing sweaty shoes all day. Moisture in your shoes can also cause blisters, so you want to make sure the lining in your clogs feels comfortable.

Both Sanita and Dansko clogs have an array of materials you can choose from. You might choose a plain clog, either white, brown, or black, to look professional. But if you want some fun shoes, both brands have many colors and patterns that can add interest to your outfit.

When it comes to material, there’s a lot to consider: durability, ease of cleaning, lining, and physical looks. Both brands tie for this feature. It will be up to you to shop around and find the material you like best, whether it’s from Dansko or Sanita.


Both Dansko and Sanita clogs have high arches, which can seem uncomfortable at first. However, once you get used to it, you’ll appreciate the support of the design. Because they’re built-in, you won’t have to buy additional arch supports.

After long shifts on your feet, you’ll find the shoe’s arch support not only helps your feet but also your back. It supports your foot and keeps your feet in the most comfortable position for standing and moving.

Sanita clogs don’t have the rubber piping that Dansko clogs do. This piping is at the throat of the shoe. It can affect both the fit and look of the shoe.

The backs of the clogs are a little loose so you can easily slip them on and off. This can be a pro or a con, depending on how you need them to fit as you move around.

Manufacturers design clogs to fit looser than athletic shoes, so you’re able to fit a pinkie between the back of the clog and your heel base. This ensures the clog can move as you do, without rubbing against your heels and ankles, causing blisters.

You can also choose open-back clogs from each manufacturer. The fit will be much looser with this option. If you wear open-back clogs, make sure your heel base rests evenly on the footbed’s back so you still get the most support from the shoe.

The winner of this feature depends on what style you like best. Both brands have high arch support and a slightly loose fit. The main difference is that Dansko clogs have rubber piping at the throat of the clog. If you like that aspect, Dansko clogs would be best for you. If you prefer clogs without that feature, then you should choose Sanita.


Dansko shoes are handmade, so the sizes vary. If you buy two size-8 shoes in different styles, they might not fit the same way. This can cause problems if you’re buying shoes online and don’t have a chance to try them on.

When you get a new pair of clogs, from either Dansko or Sanita, you can stretch them out for a better size. You can wear them with thick socks, or two pairs of socks, for the first few times you wear them. This will stretch them out subtly to give you a little room between your foot and the shoes with later wears.

You can also use a shoe stretcher like shoe stores use. You’ll leave the stretcher in the shoes whenever you’re not wearing them. It will stretch slowly, so once they feel like they fit right, you can stop using the stretcher

Sanita run narrower than Dansko. If you have narrow feet, this means your feet might shift around too much in a Dansko clog. But Dansko gives you plenty of room to spread your toes, which might feel more comfortable during a long shift on your feet.

Because Sanita shoes have more consistent sizing, they’re the winner in this category. They’re also the clear choice if you have narrow feet. You don’t want your feet to move around too much when you’re working and walking, so you should buy a pair of Sanita shoes.


Clogs traditionally had wooden soles, which were firm and lasted a long time. However, that isn’t practical with modern, professional wear. It also wasn’t slip resistant. Now manufacturers make the soles from rubber, cork, or plastic. These materials also allow for breathability, which is important when you’re on your feet so much.

There is not much internal padding on either clog’s sole. Due to the structure of the clogs, it can be tough to find inserts that fit. Luckily the Dansko Pro XP clogs have memory foam inside, along with a removable footbed.

Dansko professional clogs have a broader heel base, which can help you feel more steady on your feet. The heels are a little higher than Sanita heels, which can be better for your legs in terms of heel strike and shock absorption.

Both Dansko and Sanita clogs have slip resistant soles. Made of a rubber blend that keeps your steps soft, these soles still provide friction against the floor. This feature is especially important for workers in the medical, restaurant, and education fields.

When it comes to the best soles, Dansko is the winner. With the wider heel bases and the memory foam in the Dansko Pro XP, you can’t go wrong.


Slip-resistant soles are one aspect of safety you want to consider with your pair of clogs. You might also want to find some that are antistatic. 

These clogs are specially treated to prevent a buildup of electrical charges. When this charge builds up in your body, it releases when you touch metal or an electrical object. As a result, you might get shocked or ruin the electrical device.

Antistatic safety shoes will conduct the electricity from your body through the lining and into the ground. It prevents you from building up a static charge. This is an ideal feature to look for if you work in the medical field or a restaurant.

Currently, only Sanita has a line of antistatic clogs, so they’re the winner in this category.


Some reviewers have noticed a slight squeaking when they walk in their Dansko or Sanita clogs. You can use various home remedies to get rid of this problem. 

If the squeak is happening when the outside of the sole rubs against the floor, clean the soles of your shoes. You might have stepped in something that got in the treads of the shoe and caused the noise. 

After cleaning the soles, you might still hear a squeak. Take a slow step and notice what part of your foot is touching the ground when you hear the noise. You can use a strip of cloth tape on the sole where the squeak originates. This won’t affect the traction of the sole, but it should stop the sound.

Squeaking can also happen depending on how your foot moves inside of the shoe. You can use the same cloth tape on the inside of your shoe to prevent the noise. It might also help to take out the inner sole and apply baby powder beneath it. This will keep it from creating the squeak when you walk.

Not all clogs will squeak, and there’s not an apparent pattern across brands. Therefore there’s no clear winner for this feature, just a way to prevent it from happening to you.


Clogs weigh less than athletic shoes, but Sanita and Dansko have worked to make their clogs even lighter to wear. When you work on your feet all day, carrying around even just a little extra weight can cause fatigue and muscle problems.

The weight of each style of clog will depend on the material of the sole and the upper part of the shoe. Leather and patent leather clogs will weigh slightly more than synthetic clogs. Rubber soles can weigh more as well.

Weight is a close call in terms of Sanita vs Dansko. Because weight depends so much on the style of shoe you choose, you might have to try out different options on your own. Both Sanita and Dansko work to make their shoes as light as possible, overall, so they tie for this feature.

Foot Pain

All of the above features factor into how well Dansko and Sanita clogs help combat foot pain. Comfortable, lightweight shoes with cushioned soles will understandably improve your arch support, weight balance, and posture. 

These clogs offer arch support and elevated heels, both of which alleviate foot pain. Because the shoes distribute your weight evenly, they’ll alleviate discomfort associated with plantar fasciitis.

The American Podiatric Medical Association has given Dansko shoes a seal of approval. The professional organization actually recommends many different styles of Dansko shoes. To earn this seal, a company has to promote foot health, hit a certain quality control, and achieve other factors.

Sanita has one shoe that is approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association: the Original Professional. If you want a professionally-recommended shoe that isn’t Dansko, make sure you get that specific style of shoe from Sanita.

Because Dansko has the American Podiatric Medical Association seal of approval for so many of their shoes, they’re the clear winner for this feature. 


When it comes to Sanita vs Dansko, it’s good to know that both brands use quality materials. They take care to tan their oiled leather properly and reinforce the sewing and stapling of the upper fabric to the sole.

Though there is no warranty with the shoes, both Dansko and Sanita guarantee there are no manufacturer’s defects in their products. Reviewers have found their clogs to last as long as three years of regular wear. If you use a protective spray on the upper material of the shoes, you can be sure that they’ll look new and clean for their entire lifespan.

This choice is tough when it comes to Sanita vs Dansko. Because neither company offers a warranty, you’re on your own for taking care of your clogs to ensure they last a long time. 

Knowing each option is durable and free from defects means that you can’t go wrong whether you choose Dansko or Sanita.


Both Dansko and Sanita clogs are available online. You can find them on Amazon, eBay, Zappos, and medical clothing outlets.

If you order shoes through Amazon, you can take advantage of free returns in case they don’t fit as you expected. You can buy a pair of both Dansko and Sanita clogs through Amazon and return the ones you like least.

If you want to try shoes on in a store, you’ll have a bit more of an issue. Sanita clogs aren’t readily available in American stores since they’re made in Europe. That means, if you’re not willing to buy shoes online, you’ll most likely only find Dansko in stores.

Dansko clogs are the winner in terms of availability, because you have the option to try them on in shoe stores.


Dansko clogs are more expensive than Sanita clogs. They have some shoes that start at $70, but their clogs are over $100. 

Sanita, on the other hand, offers quality clogs ranging from $70 to $80. They have more upscale shoes for over $100, but their basic line is fairly priced.

When it comes to Sanita vs Dansko, Sanita is the winner regarding this feature because they’re more affordable than Dansko clogs.

Sanita vs Dansko: The Winner

In the face-off of Sanita vs Dansko, there has to be a winner between the two. The shoes have their similarities, but a few key differences are what makes it easy to crown a champion.

Which Is the Best Overall

Though Sanita produced Dansko clogs for 17 years, they branched off into two separate companies. Despite having many similarities, there are key differences between the clogs. If you want to buy affordable, professional clogs, then Sanita is the best choice.

Which Is the Best Dansko and Sanita On Amazon?

Although Dansko and Sanita products are now widely available at online shops and in-person brick and mortar stores around the world, sometimes the best way to identify the best shoe for you is to check out Amazon. Luckily, buyers get access to a huge variety of shoes, boots, and clogs on Amazon without leaving their home.

The Best Dansko on Amazon

If you’re looking for the best compromise between price, quality, and comfort, then the best Dansko on Amazon for you is likely the XP 2.0 Clog.

It features a removable footbed that uses Natural Arch Technology in conjunction with a 100% slip resistant outsole to ensure that you can work and safely stand for hours everyday without discomfort.

You’ll probably notice the Dansko’s roomy and forgiving toe box. This design element makes Dansko clogs stand out from the competition in terms of all-day comfort, especially for customers who work standing up most of the day.

The XP 2.0s only need a couple of days to break in since the leather construction is quite rigid at first. However, after a brief break-in period, customers will have a hard time finding another clog with comparable strength. Its extra-high 0.75 inch platform is thick enough to allow users to mold the shoe to their unique foot shape too.

Additionally, the following elements of the XP 2.0 Clog stand out:


  • Outsole provides resistance to wet, oily, and dry surfaces
  • 100% Leather construction
  • Dual density PU footbed design provides cushioning and 24/7 support


  • Imported from China
  • Price ranges higher than average compared to similar clogs

The Best Sanita on Amazon

The Professional Oil Closed Leather Clog from Sanita leads Amazon popularity charts for Sanita. For a slightly reduced price compared to the Dansko, buyers get access to many of the same benefits. It’s made with a 100% leather easy to clean construction, a synthetic sole, and a padded insole to add comfort.

The best Sanita shoes on Amazon often last upwards of five years thanks to their solid Polish-build design. And if you are in an industry where it’s common to scuff or scrape your shoe’s surface, Sanita’s quality leather is easy to buff and shine in an instant.


  • Spacious toe box fits wide feet sizes
  • Comes in three colorways
  • Rocker Bottom sole allows users to walk with a natural stride
  • APMA approved.


  • EU sizing tends to run small. Make sure to size up ½ or 1 size
  • Sole is extremely rigid, less forgiving than Dansko

Which Is Best for Different Buyers

A buyer wanting the most comfort regardless of price will want to choose the Dansko Pro XP professional clog with memory foam.

A buyer who wants to support an American, employee-owned company will want to buy from Dansko. However, the manufacturers are in China, but the clogs are still great quality.

A buyer who wants a product that has improved over 100 years should buy from Sanita. Founded in 1907, this company has made high-quality shoes ever since.

A buyer who has plantar fasciitis will want to choose Dansko, which is backed by the American Podiatric Medical Association.

A buyer who loved Dansko clogs before 2008 and hasn’t enjoyed the fit since should buy Sanita. You can check the imprint on the bottom of the clogs to see if the Sanita patent number, 0060240, is there. Sanita manufactured Dansko clogs with this number before 2008.


Both Dansko and Sanita are premium brands, so you can’t go wrong with this choice. Their shoes are durable, so whatever pair you buy will last for years. They will help you stay comfortable when you’re on your feet all day. Don’t wait any longer to try out a high-quality pair of Dansko and Sanita professional clogs.