10 Best Boots For Narrow Calves In The Market

Finding the perfect pair of boots can be tedious when you have narrow calves. It may come as a surprise to you, but women who need narrow calf boots have a more challenging time finding a pair than those with average or wide calves.

You don’t want to wear boots that look baggy on your legs. I’ve searched the internet and tried to find the best boots for narrow calves.

The best pair of boots for slim calves is the Sofft Sharnell II. These boots are affordable, made from excellent materials, and look fabulous no matter where you wear them.

Several fantastic pairs of boots are on the market, like the best riding boots, best work boots, and more. Keep reading to see some other top choices for the best narrow calf boots. 


Whether you’re looking for something practical or more stylish, here are some of the best boots for women with skinny calves.



If you know anything about boots, you’ve heard of the brand Sofft. Sofft is one of the most well-known and trusted boot brands. Sofft uses some of the best materials they can find and produces them in the United States.

These boots are fantastic for most activities, whether you’re spending the day in the great outdoors, horseback riding, biking, or out on the town. 

One of the best features of Sofft Sharnell II boots is the number of options you have when shopping for them. They come in several suede options and two leather options.

You can choose between black leather or brown or one of their four neutral suede colors. A popular choice is their black, waterproof suede boots.

Regardless of the color you choose, you’ll be wearing a comfortable and elegant boot. All of Sofft’s shoes are made with a synthetic sole and leather upper. The outsole of the shoe is rubber which provides flexibility and has lugs for better traction.

These boots are equipped with a leather footbed to make them extra comfortable. There is a heel on these boots. It’s still under an inch if you’re looking for a low heel or none at all. The heel is .75 inches tall.

The shaft on Sharnell II boots is 16 inches tall. Sofft wants you to be able to adjust the circumference to make them feel more comfortable.

Each boot has lacing on the back, so you’re able to adjust the circumference to your preference. The circumference can be anywhere from 13 to 16 inches.


  • Six color and fabric options
  • Reputable boot brand


  • They only offer one color in waterproof material


Shopping for riding boots can be the most challenging shoes to find for a girl with skinny calves. If you’ve struggled to find the perfect fitting riding boot, SoleMani’s Gabi riding boot may be the one.

SoleMani designed these shoes with leather that is buttery soft. When selecting the perfect Gabi riding boot, you can choose black leather, brown leather, or cognac leather. These neutral colors will pair perfectly with almost every outfit under the sun.

There is elastic on the back of the boots that help them fit snuggly at your ankle while still being comfortable. These boost secure to your feet with a zipper on the side. They also include a stylish buckle around the ankles that you can use simply as a fashion statement or tighten or loosen to make them feel better on your feet.

There is a slight heel on these boots. The heel is only a quarter of an inch high, making them easy to wear every day. The circumference of the calf varies depending on your shoe size, but they’re still slim.

The smallest ankle circumference is 8.75 inches, and the largest is only 10 inches. The circumference closer to your calves will also vary depending on your shoe size, but it’s 12 or 13 inches.

The price for these boots will vary depending on whether you choose leather or suede, but these are high-quality boots that will last for years as long as you take care of them.


  • Three leather colors to choose from
  • The heel is short but still provides some lift


  • The circumference may be small, even for those with slim calves


If you’re looking for a pair of boots to make your slim legs head-turners, you need to try the Aquatalia Classic Boot. These boots stand tall and will take your outfit to new heights. These boots have a suede upper and elastic calf that everyone is looking for.

You have the choice between two classic colors. There’s a very sleek black and a deep espresso color. Either will add that something special to any outfit you choose. The boot opening is narrow at about 14 inches.

The shaft of these boots is pretty standard in height at 16 inches. The one thing about these boots is that they do have a heel height of two inches. If you aren’t comfortable wearing heels, these may not be the best for you.

You won’t have to compromise comfort for style with these boots. They come with a padded synthetic insole that is not only comfortable but breathable. There is a rubber sole that will help prevent you from slipping when it’s wet outside.

You’ll want to keep in mind that while these boots are slip-resistant, they are not waterproof. You’ll need to avoid submerging them in water or getting them too wet from the rain if you want them to last a long time.


  • One of the most classic looking boots you can find


  • They’re not water-resistant


For ladies looking for the chicest and highest quality boots, these Stuart Weitzman boots are just shoes. These over-the-knee boots are perfect for women with skinny calves. The Stuart Weitzman 5050 boots are iconic and will upgrade any outfit you wear.

One of the best features of these Stuart Weitzman boots is that they come in both suede and leather options. There are several black options in suede and leather, a suede walnut brown, a suede cream, and even a suede cool blue.. 

The shaft on these boots is 21 inches, giving you a knee-high boot or an over-the-knee boot depending on where it falls on you. The front of the boot reaches 21 inches in height, whereas the back of the boot is only a few inches shorter to provide maximum comfort.

Having a shorter back of the boot is a signature design from Stuart Weitzman. Not only is it to enhance comfort, but it gives ladies a sleek silhouette. These boots are the perfect shoe for skinny jeans and dresses.

There is a shallow heel on the 5050 boots that adds a little bit of height, but it is low enough for you to feel comfortable wearing all day long. One thing to keep in mind when ordering yourself a pair of these high-end boots is their sizing.

Sizes under a size seven usually run small. On the other hand, sizes over eight tend to run larger. Remembering this will ensure you order a size that will fit you as best as possible.

These boots are on the pricier side, but if money is not an object, you can have these high-end boots that will last you a long time.


  • The unique design with a higher front than back


  • These boots can be costly depending on the color and fabric you want


Frye is another well-known boot brand for women. Frye designers made the Melissa 2 boots with some of the best materials, and they’re functional and stylish. These riding boots are perfect for riding, but they’re also perfect to pair with an everyday outfit.

The Melissa 2 boots are leather, but they have a suede-looking finish, making them a little more unique than some other brands. The shaft is made with imported leather, and the sole is rubber. These boots are equipped with a durable leather outsole and a rubber heel for traction.

You can choose between several colors of the Melissa 2 boots. There are the classic black and cognac colors and slate, smoke, redwood, and wine. These dark and neutral colors match well with anything. All six shades are also available in an extended calf.

The original Frye Melissa 2 boots have an opening of 14.5 inches which is considered slim. If you need a little more room, the extended calf options measure 15.5 inches which can be roomier.

These boots are Equestrian-style, meaning you will pull them on. There is no adjustable lacing or zipper to secure the boots on your feet. The shaft is 15.5 inches tall, and the heel is only one inch.

Equestrians wear these boots when riding. These boots are durable and can withstand almost any activity that you put them through. Since they’re 100% leather, you will want to avoid getting too wet so that the leather lasts.


  • They’re 100% leather
  • They’re durable boots that will stand up against all activities.


  • There’s no way to loosen or tighten the boots around your calves


Geox Mendi Boot is 100% leather and is very modern in style. These tapered boots are the perfect fit for everyday occasions and work.

The sole is breathable and gives you long-lasting comfort. The price for these boots is relatively low when you take into consideration they’re 100% leather and imported.

Geox patents the sole. It’s a classic rubber sole that is perforated and has breathable and a waterproof membrane.

This unique combination of materials creates the ideal climate inside your shoe. Your feet will stay dry and comfortable from the minute you put them on until the minute you take them off.

The synthetic sole on these boots will help prevent you from slipping and falling when it’s rainy outside. They’ll even keep you from slipping on snow during the winters.

These boots are not lined with any additional material inside. So, if you live in an area with frigid winters, these boots may not be an excellent boot for the winter. If you live where there are mild winters, you may find that these work well year-round.

The opening of the boot is 14 inches which is pretty standard for most boots. Geox Mendi Boots have a 15-inch shaft from the arch. That should bring the boot just below your knee. It may go higher or lower depending on how tall you are. You’ll gain one inch of height when you put these on.

The best feature of the Geox Mendi Boot is the lacing. You’re able to adjust the circumference of the calf so that it can be your perfect fit. If you order a pair and find that they’re not snug enough when you put them on, try adjusting the lace, and you should be good to go.


  • The lace-up allows you to adjust the circumference of the shaft
  • The patented sole provides maximum comfort


  • These shoes may not be ideal for freezing winter weather


If you’re looking for a boot with a long shaft, the Blondo Velma waterproof riding boots may be the best fit for you. These boots have a shaft that measures 20 inches from the arch, making them one of the highest boots on this list.

Even for taller women, these boots should still hit above the knee. For shorter women, they’ll reach above the knee and may be further up your thigh. These boots are made chiefly with leather, but they do have some synthetic material too.

These boots are perfect for women with slim legs because the circumference is 14 inches. You can choose from black leather that has a shiny finish or black suede with a matte finish. They have a back panel that stretches to fit your legs perfectly while making sure you’re comfortable

There is a removable carbon foam insole that not only keeps you more comfortable than other boots but it helps to keep you warm. This feature makes these boots a perfect boot for the cold winter months.

Blondo has an AquaProtect process they use to seal the boots, so water doesn’t cause damage. Because of this feature, these boots are very easy to keep clean and take care of.

Finding sturdy and stylish waterproof boots at a fair price is difficult. With the Blondo Velma boots, you’ll have an affordable shoe that will also keep your feet and ankles dry in the rain. Plus, they’ll look fantastic no matter where you wear them.


  • These boots are waterproof
  • They’re warm enough to wear during the harsh winter months


  • Your only color option is black


Franco Sarto Hydie Riding Boots look stunning, but they can also take whatever you put them through. While they can make a fashion statement, they also make fantastic work boots. Even in the harshest of work environments, they’ll last longer than other boots on the market

These riding boots are made with 100% leather. That means they also have a leather upper. The sole of these boots is always hand-made from synthetic materials. The sole is made to ensure years of wear and stay durable.

The shaft is 18 inches high, meaning it will keep the vast majority of your legs protected while working or out in the elements. The circumference is average for narrow calf boots at 14.25 inches. The heel is only one inch in height, making it easy to wear to work.

While these boots are excellent for those with slim calves, they’re even better for women with wide feet. These boots have a rounded toe, making them extra comfortable for people with wide feet.

Franco Sarto incorporated a zipper on the inner ankle that goes to the mid calf. This zipper makes it even easier to slide on and take off these boots. You don’t have a choice of color with these boots as they’re only available in black. But black is slimming and will never go out of style.


  • Durable to wear for work boots
  • They have a rounded toe for extra comfort


  • A shorter heel would be preferable for work boots


It shouldn’t be surprising if the name Clarks Shoes rings a bell. This brand has been creating beautiful boots since the 1820s. Their designs have only improved since then.

The Clarks Women’s Mojita Crush Boots is a fashionable knee-high boot that is also water-resistant. You can wear these boots even when the weather is beautiful outside too. They’re a great boot to wear when it’s chilly out because it has a lining to keep your feet and legs warm.

These boots are made with suede and leather and come in black or brown. They have a slight heel that comes in at 1.75 inches. A block heel that is this short should still be comfortable to wear all day without causing you any stress.

You will have a pair of boots with both a zipper and buckles with the Mojita Crush. There is one zipper on the inside of your legs to make it easier to slip the boots on since they have a 14-inch circumference. There are also two buckles. One is on your ankle to keep your ankle stable, and the other is on the shaft to keep your feet secure in the boot

There is a foam insole, but it doesn’t provide the best arch support. Women who have flat feet may not find this an issue, but you’ll need to order a size up or find a different boot if you have higher arches.

The Clarks Women’s Mojita Crush Boots run true to size, which is great. Some boots you can slide on and wear for hours without feeling any discomfort.

These boots will need to be broken in for a couple of wears before you wear them all day. You can start wearing them all day if you want, but before they’re broken in, they may be uncomfortable.


  • Clarks is a trusted shoe brand
  • There are two buckles to keep your feet secure


  • These aren’t ideal for women with higher arches


An excellent pair of boots don’t need to break the bank. The Dreams Pairs Women’s Knee High Riding Boots are an affordable and fashionable option. When you’re wearing them, you would never guess they cost a fraction of the price of some higher-end boots.

These boots are made with smooth leather that comes in 14 different colors. The 14 colors are in various shades of black, grey, brown, and khaki. The Dream Pairs boots are incredibly comfortable, and you’ll never want to take them off.

They include a thermoplastic rubber insole that insulates your feet and allows for breathability. This feature makes them excellent anytime during the year, whether it’s hot or cold outside.They have a zipper and buckle, making them an excellent option for women with small calves.

You can adjust the clasp to achieve your desired fit. Since these boots have a larger circumference than other narrow boots, the buckle is a game-changer. The circumference is 16 inches.


  • They’re perfect for someone who doesn’t want to break the bank buying boots
  • They come in 14 colors


  • The circumference is large, and the buckle may not tighten it enough for every person

Narrow Calf Boots Buying Guide

If you’re on the search for the perfect pair of slim calf boots, there are several factors you’ll want to consider when making your decision.


Leather and suede are both modern materials for a boot. While there’s not necessarily anything better about one over the other, this will play a significant role when you’re deciding on a new pair of boots.

Height of the Shaft

Most standard riding boots come just below your knee. If you’re looking for something higher, you’ll want to find knee-high boots or boots that fall above the knee.

This is entirely down to your personal preference, so be sure to read the product descriptions to see where the shaft will fall on your legs.

Do the Boots Have a Heel

Purchasing a boot with or without a heel is going to come down to your personal preference. Many of these boots have a heel, but they’re only a few inches or less. If you absolutely don’t want a heel, you’ll want to double-check the boots prior to putting in your credit card information.


A good pair of boots is going to cost you some money. Even though some shoes will cost over one hundred dollars, that’s still relatively affordable compared to some others on the market.

Even though a quality pair of boots is going to cost more than a lower quality pair, think of your new pair of boots as an investment.

A high-quality pair of slim calf boots will last you for ages, whereas a lower quality shoe may be cheaper, but you may need to replace them more often.

Even the more budget-friendly boots on this list are still of good quality. But if money is not an object for you, a pricier boot isn’t necessarily a bad thing.


The best boots for narrow calves are the Sofft Sharnell II.

These boots are perfect for women of all ages, all fashion tastes, and activity choices. You can purchase your pair of these boots from Amazon or directly from the Sofft website.