10 Best AR 670-1 Boots In The Market

I tested ten army boots and found the Garmont T8 Bifida Tactical Boot to be the best AR 670-1 boots.

Over the years, I’ve realized that army boots are often the most critical part of your gear. Cheap boots won’t stand up to the elements. Uncomfortable boots cause blisters and hurt your feet, which can distract you from the mission at hand.

Finding the perfect pair of army boots alleviates stress from both your mind and body. Sturdy, durable, comfortable boots protect your feet and empower you to tread anywhere you need to go.

I picked the Garmont T8 Bifida Tactical Boots as my top choice because the brand has been around for half a century. They have a solid reputation for quality and make boots that are not only durable but also comfortable.

Just because Garmont’s army boots are my top choice doesn’t mean that there aren’t other great boots on the market. I tried so many different pairs that I decided to classify them according to their best qualities.

Some boots are best for hot weather, absorbing moisture, and water resistance. There are the best lightweight boots and the best soft-toe boots. Regardless of what you’re looking for, you’ll find AR 670-1 compliant boots for you.

If you’re ready to find your perfect pair of AR 670-1 boots, read on to see what I like best about each one.


Army boots will hold up over time and handle various climates and terrains. This list of the top ten boots will help you find exactly what you need for your comfort and safety out in the world.



Garmont is a quality brand that’s been around for over 50 years. They started making sports shoes but evolved into professional military goods in 2008. Pulling from their history and research of outdoor footwear, Garmont quickly established a stellar reputation.

Their T8 Bifida Tactical Boots are the best because they’re comfortable, functional, and durable. You can wear them all day in the city without feeling any pressure on your feet. This support translates to hikes in the jungle or treks across the desert as well. They completely protect your feet from the elements.

This army boot looks hefty, but don’t let the sturdiness fool you. The footwear is exceptionally lightweight. The quick-drying materials prevent water from weighing down the tactical boot as well as keep your feet dry throughout the day.

The treads are thick enough to grip any surface. There’s also a heel retention strapping system, which keeps your foot in place inside the boot, so you’re more confident with each step. They even have a lace bracket at the ankle so you can tighten it for the best ankle support.


  • Handle great in mud and wet ground
  • Sturdy and the grip lasts a long time
  • Give great leg support


  • The tongue puts pressure on your ankle

Belleville Men’s Hot Weather Steel Toe Boot – Best Steel Toe Boots

These boots from Belleville Arm Your Feet offer the security of steel-toe boots with the flexibility of lightweight boots. This combination makes them the ideal choice for hot weather.

The steel-toes protect your feet from rough terrain and dropping gear from above. The Vibram soles are comfortable enough for an all-day hike without stressing your feet. You can hike over gravel, rocks, sand, or water and not tell the difference because your feet are so cushioned.

You’re already carrying enough gear when you’re in the field, so there’s no reason to weigh down your feet as well. The numbers don’t lie—Belleville Men’s Hot Weather Steel Toe Boots weigh only 40 ounces, while most AR 670-1 compliant boots weigh 70 ounces.

The laces on these boots tie tightly and don’t loosen, which keeps them on your feet and provides sturdy ankle support. They’re flexible enough to give you a range of motion across various terrains but never make you worry about your stability.


  • Keeps feet ventilated on hot days
  • Won’t let water in
  • Excellent balance


  • No bootstrap, which can make removing the boot quickly a pain


Bates Men’s Cobra Hot Weather Military and Tactical Boots have vents on the sides to allow air circulation even in the hottest temperatures. Along with the air holes comes a lining that promotes breathability.

The insoles use this innovative lining to keep your feet cool while preventing skin irritations and other problems due to sweat. But the breathability of the boots doesn’t impact their sturdiness. They boots are made of cattlehide leather to give your feet and ankles all the support you need.

The treads are a thick rubber; you won’t feel a thing when walking on rough or rocky terrain. The durability of these combat boots, along with the ventilation, make them the best option for hot weather. You won’t find yourself standing in sweat by the end of a trek.

The sturdiness of the tactical boot keeps you confident with each step, and the added weather protection helps you focus on your mission instead of your feet.


  • Nothing keeps feet cooler in hot weather than these boots
  • Lightweight means you can hike far without tiring
  • Very flexible


  • Rub the heel if not laced properly, and the eyelets aren’t top quality


Many AR 670-1 boots boast weather resistance in addition to allowing your feet to breathe. But not many claim the boots will wick moisture away from your feet as you walk. Under Armour takes the cake with this claim.

Their tactical boots have a water-resistant coating, so you don’t have to worry about external moisture soaking your socks and causing blisters. But there’s always the problem of sweaty feet when you’re walking all day long, carrying gear, and balancing on uncertain terrain.

Under Armour makes their boots lighter, so there’s less stress on your foot. The micro-lug sole provides quality traction without the weight of other treads. This support keeps your foot from sweating as much as it would in heavier boots.

The interior material absorbs moisture, so you’re not standing in a pool of your own sweat. The fibers pull away moisture just as Under Armour’s shirts and undergarments do. There’s also padding inside so your feet stay comfortable.


  • Very comfortable to wear for long periods of time
  • Fantastic support in ankles and balls of feet
  • Incredibly lightweight


  • Fabric isn’t the strongest and may wear out


Women can wear any of the AR 670-1 compliant boots on this list, but Danner made a pair just for them. The custom design ensures these boots fit women’s feet better than men’s options. They’re slightly narrower than the men’s boots but still have the thick tread of other Danner boots.

The Prowess Military and Tactical Boots come up to your mid-calf and offer arch support to prevent foot pain. The exterior is nylon and suede, which provides durability and flexibility as you walk in the elements and across different terrains.

As with Danner’s other combat boots, this option has a quick lace system to ensure you can pull the shoes on and be ready to go in no time flat. The way the laces go up to the ankle, then pull tighter across your lower calf will help you feel confident in every step.


  • Fantastic support to keep you comfortable on your feet for hours
  • Fantastic for dry, desert conditions to keep feet cool
  • Sturdy material that doesn’t wear and tear


  • They run a little small and tight, so size up


Belleville has another pair of boots on this list. If you liked all they offered with their steel-toe boots, you might like their Gore-Tex option even more. Gore-Tex is a waterproof material with tiny pores all over, making it the most breathable, durable fabric.

The Gore-Tex boots look a bit bulkier than other options on this list, and they weigh more than others. You’ll have to consider if it’s worth the trade of lightweight boots for the water resistance and breathability they offer.

In addition to Gore-Tex, these army boots use cattle hide leather on the outside. This material is incredibly durable, so it’s ideal for pairing with Gore-Tex. The rubber soles will grip any terrain and keep you from slipping.

Due to the construction of these boots, they’re better in colder, wetter climates. You won’t want to wear them on a hike in the desert because of the weight and overall bulkiness. But they’re high-quality boots when you need something solid and sturdy.


  • Good quality and will stand up to every day wear
  • Great grip to keep you on your feet in slippery conditions
  • Keep feet dry even in rain


  • Heavier than other options


A lot of AR 670-1 boots protect your feet from rough terrain, shrapnel, and other hazards. But it’s essential to have a lightweight pair of army boots as well. The Oakley Men’s Light Assault Boots give you the protection you need in a comfortable pair of boots.

The laces will stay tied once you get them tightened. You can loosen the laces to get the support you need from the best army boots. When you break in the boots, the fabric gives enough so they’ll fit you like a glove.

Oakley constructs their boots with leather and Cordura fabric, ensuring they’re durable and flexible. Though they’re lightweight, you won’t feel worried about tackling rocks, water, or challenging climbs wearing these combat boots. The insoles provide shock absorption, so you won’t feel stress in your ankles or knees.

Since they’re so light, you’ll have no problem wearing them on longer hikes when you’re carrying gear. They’re also ideal for days when you’re in the office but still need to be in uniform. Depending on your branch, you can choose from colors like desert, coyote, sage, and black.


  • Great fit that keeps your feet comfortable
  • Very flexible
  • Provides support to your feet, ankles, and calves


  • May need to swap the insoles for something more comfortable


Sometimes you don’t want to pick special features—you just want something that’s tried and true. That’s where Original S.W.A.T. comes into the picture. The outer sole is a rugged leather that grips any terrain without danger of slipping. They’re waterproof and have deep rubber treads, so you’re sure-footed on any terrain.

Their tactical boots have everything you need in a sturdy, dependable military boot. The boots are made of nylon and leather, providing outstanding ankle support. These materials make them durable, strong, and resistant to rips and tears.

The interior lining is moisture-wicking fabric coated with AEGIS antimicrobial technology. It prevents bacterial growth and foot odors. The leather sole keeps your foot in place once you secure the laces. 

These S.W.A.T. boots also have thermoplastic heel counters. As a result, the boots have a more structured heel than others on this list. The way the thermoplastic cradles your foot prevents knee and back pain, so these boots are ideal for long-term wear.


  • Keep you sure footed on rocky terrain
  • Feet stay dry in rain and mud
  • Great for those who need extra ankle support


  • They run large, so double up your socks or go half a size down


Jungle boots need to keep your feet safe and dry in wet and humid conditions. A standard AR 670-1 boot might not hold up well in this climate, so getting a customized jungle boot is the best option.

The Rocky S2V Enhanced Jungle Puncture Resistant Boot offers everything you need in a jungle boot. It’s made of puncture-resistant cattle hide leather and Cordura fabric. These materials are incredibly durable, so not only will they protect you from harm, but they can also last for years.

Rocky uses sieve technology in their jungle boots. This innovation keeps water from getting into your army boots but also wicks away any internal moisture or sweat. The company also has a unique Roll Stop Ankle Stability that adds an extra support layer at the boot’s ankle. Even if you’re running on uneven ground, your ankles will stay in alignment with your legs.

The treads of the Rocky S2V Enhanced Jungle Puncture Resistant Boot aren’t just on the bottom of the shoe. They actually come up the sides a bit. This feature prevents you from getting stuck in the mud or other unstable terrain.


  • No leaks, no matter how deep the water gets
  • Extra support on the ankle to prevent rolls in mud
  • Great levels of comfort for the soles of your feet


  • Not enough padding around eyelets, so they may rub


Reebok is a massive name in mainstream sports shoes. The company started in 1895 with spiked running shoes, so the progression to AR 670-1 boots seems natural. With the traditional comfort of Reebok sports shoes and the sturdiness of army boots, this pair is a home run.

You might think that military boots made by a sports shoe company would be soft, and you’re partially right. These are soft-toe boots, but the high-quality leather makes them protective around your feet. There’s still enough flexibility to easily walk and hike in these army boots, though.

The insoles use MemoryTech Massage to adapt to your footprint and arch for ultimate support and cushioning. There are vents in the shoe that allow air to get inside and wick moisture away from your feet. 

Reebok takes advantage of its years of sports research to implement a lining that prevents odors and bacterial infections. Best of all, these boots look like an awesome hybrid of sports shoes and military boots. They’re definitely the most unique, comfortable option on the list.


  • Great for hiking and long marches on flat ground
  • Memory padding soles make these some of the most comfortable
  • Vents prevent sweat from making your feet damp


  • Ankle may need reinforcing for long usage

Buying Guide

There are so many types and styles of AR 670-1 boots that you might not know what you’re looking for. Instead of picking a military boot from the list above, let’s break it down into individual features. Once you know what you need, you’ll understand what boots will best suit you.

Service Compliance

There are certain things you need to look for in AR 670-1 boots. The Army has guidelines to ensure that all military boots meet specific standards. The regulation allows a fair amount of flexibility, so it’s nice to have freedom of boot choice. But you don’t want to buy army boots that aren’t going to do their job while you’re trying to do yours.

AR 670-1 addresses other aspects of the uniform, hairstyle, and more, but boots are arguably the most important. You’re on your feet most of the time and need treads that can handle all terrains. You need something strong that allows you to kick and cause damage.

Choosing the right pair of military boots means you need to stick to the AR 670-1 guideline for compliance reasons. All ten army boots on this list are AR 670-1 compliant, but they have unique features to meet your needs. Whether you need additional insole cushioning, moisture-wicking, or extra ankle support, each of these AR 670-1 boots has something to offer.

Fit and Size

AR 670-1 boots typically follow your shoe size, but you can always measure your feet to be certain. In some cases, you might want to size up for comfort and to make room for boot socks, which tend to run thicker than regular socks.

The Danner Women’s Prowess Military and Tactical Boot run narrower than men’s boots, so many women size up to prevent blisters. Other army boots have a snug fit, so sizing up might prevent how comfortable they feel on your feet.

Wear your typical military socks when you try on boots, whether in person or after ordering a pair. The extra layers will help you determine how the military boots truly fit. You don’t want anything too small or tight, but if they’re too big, they might make you feel unsteady on your feet in rough terrains.


There’s nothing worse than finding a decent pair of AR 670-1 boots and having them wear out after a few uses. The best army boots are incredibly durable and last over a variety of terrain and over several years.

It’s tempting to buy cheap boots to save money at the moment, but good boots are an investment. Spending more upfront ensures your army boots will last longer and keep you safer. You don’t want to buy cheap boots and have them fall apart while you’re in the middle of combat.

Durability also refers to how weather-resistant the boots are. If the boots let water in, they’re likely to fall apart sooner than a waterproof pair. Finding boots made of genuine leather and material like Gore-Tex or Cordura ensures that the fabric will hold up against the elements.


Several options on this list are lightweight boots that prevent foot stress. It’s also nice to wear a lighter military boot when you’re carrying a lot of gear or traveling long distances. Lightweight boots are made of more breathable fabric, which can help prevent infections.

However, you sometimes have to trade off durability and support for the weight. Gore-Tex is a quality fabric that prevents water damage, but it makes boots bulkier and heavier. Steel toe army boots are also heavier, but there are definitely hikes and combats where they’re necessary.


People in the military need sturdy, durable boots that offer protection from the elements, shrapnel, and other hazards. Musculoskeletal injuries are common in military personnel, but the proper boots can alleviate some of these injuries.

You want to choose army boots that use sturdy yet flexible materials. You need ankle support, but you don’t want to give up your range of motion. With the right pair of military boots, you should feel like they protect your feet but that you can still move as you would in any other shoes.

Boots with shock absorption also protect you by taking in the impact of each step. If you jump and have a hard landing, shock absorption prevents joint pain from the rough contact. Over time, this absorption will reduce foot, ankle, and knee pain. It can even have a positive effect on your lower back as you get older.

The correct traction on boots also offers protection. Treads help you grip the ground when you’re walking on unstable or uneven terrain. If you’re climbing, the best traction will help your shoes grip the wall or rocks so you’re empowered to lift yourself more securely.

Tread also has slip-resistant qualities. Whether you’re walking on tile floors or across a muddy field, this support is something you want. If you’re less likely to slip, you can focus your attention on your surroundings and your mission.

Weather Conditions

Ideally, army boots can handle any weather conditions. You want a material that is both water-resistant and breathable. You want boots that keep your feet cool in hot weather and warm in cold climates. Some boots are able to do everything, especially if you can add layers of socks inside.

But overall, you should buy the boots that suit the weather conditions you most often find yourself in. Any military boots with ventilation and breathability can adapt quickly to different climates. If you’re going somewhere with hot weather, it’s best to get lightweight boots. After all, it’s easier to bulk up than to get more air to your feet.


High-quality AR 670-1 boots should last you a long time, especially if you take care of them. Since you’re meant to wear these boots in combat, they don’t require much maintenance.

When you get a new pair of boots, you’ll find them stiff because the leather isn’t worn in. You should wear them around the house for several hours before ever taking them out on a mission. You want to break them in as much as possible, so they feel comfortable and flexible on your feet.

After wearing your boots out in the wild, give them a chance to dry out completely. If you use a removable insole, take it out and let it dry separately. Clean the exterior material and especially the treads. If you let mud build up in the treads, you’ll lose a lot of your traction.


There are so many great pairs of AR 670-1 boots available that you have a hard choice to make. The ten best army boots on this list are not only compliant but offer unique features that keep your feet comfortable and supported regardless of the situation.

The Garmont T8 Bifida Tactical Boots are the best choice overall because of all they offer. The durable material lasts for years and protects your feet from weather and rough terrain. They’re lightweight and breathable, so you’re always comfortable.

Because each pair of boots reviewed above is so unique, you’re sure to find exactly what you need. Don’t hesitate when it comes to buying AR 670-1 compliant boots—order your pair now.