Are UGGs Waterproof? Your Guide For UGGs Care

A classic pair of UGG boots can be the ultimate cold weather footwear! Make a fashion statement or just stay toasty warm in these iconic boots.

But winter brings challenges with harsh and wet weather. Are UGGs waterproof enough to handle rain and snow? How do they hold up to salt and slush?

Are Classic UGG Boots Waterproof?

So, are UGGS waterproof? Yes and no. UGG brand makes all kinds of footwear, including snow boots and waterproof UGG rain boots. Their original classic boot is made of a suede outer layer, a sheepskin lining and sole, and a rubber foam outer sole.

UGG makes high-quality products, and this includes the way they pretreat their classic boots. Pretreatment makes your UGGs water-resistant straight out of the box. This means they can handle a little moisture without getting damaged.

Even though your boots are pretreated, they aren’t snow boots. Don’t wear classic UGG boots in heavy rain and snow.

Walking through snowdrifts or puddles can soak the suede and damage it. Water can enter the seams and ruin the sheepskin lining. Also, pretreatment will wear off after a few months. you should consider reading about Bearpaw vs Uggs Which One Is The Winner

Caring for Your Suede UGG Boots

Care for your UGG boots from the beginning and clean them regularly. These boots are an investment that can stand up to time if you treat them properly. There are several things you can do to make your UGGs last:

  • Using suede cleaner and conditioner
  • Removing stubborn stains
  • Waterproofing your UGGs with waterproofing spray

You’ll use different techniques for different reasons. We’ll go over each of them together. Follow these recommendations and your UGG boots will last for years to come!

How to Clean Classic Suede Uggs

UGG brand ugg boots are made of high-quality suede, which is soft leather. The inner fur lining is made of real sheepskin.

Cleaning your UGGs is an important step before you waterproof the boots. All you need is a suede brush, a damp cotton cloth or sponge, cold water, and a suede cleaner and conditioner combo. Just follow these steps:

  • Brush the suede surface of your UGG boot to remove any dirt or debris.
  • Apply a small amount of suede cleaner to a damp cloth or sponge.
  • Using the cloth or sponge, gently wipe in a circular motion. Work to dampen the entire outer surface.
  • Reapply cold water and cleaner to your cloth or sponge as needed.
  • Use the suede brush to scrub especially dirty spots as you go.
  • After the entire boot is damp, stuff them with something soft, like a hand towel. Make sure to fill the entire toe and leg shaft.
  • Stand your boots up somewhere away from direct sunlight. Allow them to dry for 24 hours.

Now your UGGs are clean! Once they dry, they should look brand new.

Tips for Cleaning UGG Boots

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you clean your UGGs.

  • When cleaning, be careful not to use too much water. This can weigh down the suede, damaging and warping it.
  • Wiping down your UGGs will cause the suede to darken. This is normal and nothing to be alarmed about. The color will lighten back to normal as they dry down.
  • UGG makes a cleaner and conditioner specially made for their boots. They don’t sell a brush on their website, but you can find great kits from brands like Sof Sole.
  • Simply wipe down embellishments on UGG boots using a microfiber cloth. This includes bows and Swarovski crystals.
  • Sometimes, when UGG boots get rain on them, rain spots will show up on the suede. Remove them by folding the suede on itself and rubbing both sides together.
  • If the lining of your boots gets wet, consider purchasing replacement sheepskin insoles.
  • When drying, avoid heat. Don’t place UGG boots near heaters or dry with artificial heat, like a blow dryer or in a clothes dryer. This can compromise the suede.

Since your boots are now clean, you can now move on to waterproofing your UGG boots if you choose.

How to Remove Stains from Uggs

Some stains are more stubborn. After your boots are dry, use a suede eraser to rub the stain out. Sof Sole includes an eraser in their brush kit on Amazon.

This should work for scuffs or marks that don’t come out with regular cleaning. Only use a suede eraser for stains on dry suede. After using the eraser, brush out your boot.

Some stains take a little more work to get out.

Oil or Grease Stains

Time is essential here. Use a residue-free powder to soak up oil or grease:

  • Sprinkle cornstarch onto the stain.
  • Let large stains sit for up to 48 hours with the powder on them.
  • Vacuum the powder away.
  • Clean as usual.

To protect UGG boots from oil or grease stains, don’t cook or do car repair work while wearing them.

Salt Stains

Salt is used to remove snow during the winter months. Stains from salt can collect on wet boots and be difficult to remove. The trick is to use white vinegar:

  • Combine 1 tablespoon vinegar and 1 cup cold water.
  • Dampen a cotton cloth with the mixture.
  • Don’t just blot the stain. To break up the salt, gently dampen the entire boot with the mixture.
  • Let the boot air dry for 24 hours.

The distilled white vinegar gently breaks up the salt residue without damaging the suede.

How to Waterproof Ugg Boots

You can purchase some cute and trendy waterproof UGG boots. But the classic UGG boot is iconic and a fashion statement. And they keep your feet toasty warm! However, classic UGGs aren’t meant for all-weather wear.

Think about waterproofing your UGGs to add an extra layer of protection from winter rain and snow. When you waterproof your UGG boots, they will undoubtedly last longer. You can waterproof Ugg boots in a few steps.

All you’ll need is your suede brush and a good waterproofing spray. To make UGG boots waterproof, follow these steps:

  • Clean your UGG boots with a suede cleaner and conditioner, letting them dry fully.
  • Follow the directions on your waterproofing spray bottle. This may include things like shaking the bottle to mix the contents.
  • In a well-ventilated space, hold the bottle at least 6 inches away from your UGG boots. Spray to completely dampen the suede of each boot. Do not soak the suede.
  • Stuff each UGG boot from toe to shaft and stand up in a dry place away from direct sunlight. Leave them to dry for 24 to 48 hours.
  • The waterproofing spray may change the way the suede looks. Don’t worry! When your UGG boots are completely dry, brush the suede to revive the texture.

Now you have waterproof UGGS! You’ve taken steps to prolong the life of your boots.

Tips for Waterproofing Uggs

When waterproofing UGG boots, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Before using waterproofing spray, cover bows and rhinestones.
  • Keep in mind that no suede shoe is truly water-resistant. Continue to wear your UGG boots responsibly. Avoid heavy rain and snow when wearing classic suede UGG boots.
  • How long waterproofing spray takes to dry will depend on the temperature and climate where you live. For your UGG boots to look their best, wait for them to dry completely before handling.

Be sure to wash and waterproof UGG boots made of suede before storing them away for the season. Reapply waterproofing spray every few months, if you wear them regularly.

Waterproofing Spray Suggestions

We have a few recommendations when it comes to purchasing suede waterproofing spray. Check out UGG’s website for their UGG Protector spray. Buy it by itself or in a kit with their cleaner and conditioner and a suede brush.

Search for waterproofing spray on Amazon and several great options come up. We suggest trying Nikwax Nubuck & Suede Proof Spray.

Other Waterproofing Options

A fun way to protect your UGGs from snow and rain is with UGG Boot Guards! These silicone rain galoshes come in fun colors and fit most flat sole UGG boots. Keep in mind that they only cover the foot of the boot and not the leg shaft.

Consider waterproof rain boot shoe covers by USTH if you are traveling and need to save space. Keep your feet warm and toasty and enjoy waterproofed UGGs, even in the snow! They have an elastic band at the top and are made of PVC plastic. Enjoy truly waterproof boots that you can travel easily with.

Frequently Asked Questions

Waterproofing UGGs may bring up other questions for you. Check out these frequently asked questions that you may have about UGG boots!

How can I help UGGs dry faster?

Despite popular advice, don’t try to use a blow dryer or direct sunlight to dry UGG boots faster. UGG doesn’t recommend putting them in the dryer either. If you care for your classic UGG boots properly, they should dry overnight.

How do you clean the inside of UGG boots?

To protect the sheepskin lining of your boots, never use bleach on them. Use an antifungal spray like Lysol or diluted white vinegar. Apply to a cotton cloth and wipe down the inner lining and sole. Allow the boot to dry for 24 hours.

How can I keep my UGGs from losing their shape?

Keeping your Ugg boots clean will help maintain the quality of the suede. This will keep them from creasing and slouching. When storing your UGGs, stand them up with boot tree inserts. You can also use DIY inserts, like a rolled-up newspaper or a cut-up foam pool noodle.

Should you wear socks with UGGs?

Ugg culture states that you shouldn’t wear socks with ugg boots! However, this is a personal choice. UGG boots are made for warmth and comfort with the finest sheepskin lining inside. However, they’ll stay nicer longer if you wear socks.

Making Ugg Boots Waterproof

UGG boots are designed to provide you with comfort and warmth through all seasons. While classic suede UGGs aren’t snow boots, they can be worn in winter. They are not naturally water resistant but can be waterproofed.

When you start asking questions like “are UGGs waterproof,” you learn a lot! Suede, a type of leather, must be treated. Water repellent spray is designed to provide UGGs with protection from small doses of moisture. Protect your boots from snow, water, and dirt by treating them regularly.

Search for the best waterproof tools for you. The most important thing is to care for your UGG boots. This includes cleaning them regularly and treating them with waterproofing spray. Take care of your UGGs and your feet will thank you!