Wolverine Boots Size Chart Your Guide For The Right Size

If you’ve ever thought of getting footwear from Wolverine, then you must be familiar with their infamous motto: strong soles for sturdy shoulders. you have to undertand Wolverine Boots Size Chart

The masters of right boots for the job across the globe have been in existence for the past 137 years and are dedicated to manufacturing a premium range of work boots that can withstand the harshest work setting.

Wolverine work boots stand out above all thanks to the innovative technology employed by the highly skilled workmanship.

The boots are meant for both men and women and are generally durable and comfortable. Before we talk about the shoe size for your new boots, let’s first understand the different types of wolverine work boots available for you.

Varieties of Wolverine Boots in the Market

Steel Toe Wolverine Boots

Wolverine understands the unique footwear needs of a customer depending on the type of work they do, and this is why Steel toe boots exist.

Best for industries vulnerable to hazards, the quality boots guarantee you safety and come with interesting features such as a 6 to 8 inch lined shaft to protect your ankle.

The tough and reliable boot is also available in optional steel toe while its wedge heel style makes it ideal for loading dock, construction, among other manual duties.

Soft Toe Work Boots

Soft toe Wolverine boots are ideal if you work in an environment that is less exposed to harmful threats. The boots come with a soft toe and are fit for your medium-intensity job.

Some of them are reinforced with materials such as thick fabric and rubber and can be a perfect substitute in a site where steel toe boots are prohibited due to their magnetic properties.

The boot is lightweight but may be a bit uncomfortable for your wide foot as it doesn’t have a toe cap.

Work Boots with CarbonMax Technology by Wolverine

If you feel like you’re wearing stones to work, maybe you’ll feel happier with boots made with CarbonMax technology.

The boot has proved to be the perfect substitute for the traditional steel toe boot and is light weighted as they are designed with nanotechnology.

The occupational safety and health administration (OSHA) is intentional in ensuring that you wear the right safety boots on site.

This will eventually protect you from any kind of foot injury, especially if you work in the electrical field or around sharp and falling objects. The right boots as per OSHA’s regulation will keep you safe from danger.

We are not only concerned about the type and style of your shoe.

Having the right size of your safety boot is also a major concern. So, how will you ensure that you make an accurate purchase on your first pair of Wolverine boots?

Finding the Right Size of Wolverine Boots

For you to attain comfort and safety in your pair of work shoes, you need to understand more about shoe size and width as well as what differentiates men’s shoe sizes from women’s sizes.

Here’s a quick guide to finding the right size for your Wolverine boots by comparing both men and women’s sizes:

Finding the Right Size of Wolverine Boots

For you to attain comfort and safety in your pair of work shoes, you need to understand more about shoe size and width as well as what differentiates men’s shoe sizes from women’s sizes. Here’s a quick guide to finding the right size for your Wolverine boots by comparing both men and women’s sizes:

USA Men’s SizesUSA Women’s Sizes

Understanding what size of your new boot will best fit you beforehand will also make the purchase process easy, fun, and quick.

Wolverine shoes and boots measure accurate sizes, and this means once you purchase your pair, you do not have to worry about it being broken in.

On average, you are likely to wear a medium-width shoe, also called D width. Wolverine offers other models which go up to size 3E.

Talking specifically about Wolverine 1000 mile, these boots slightly run a size larger.

Therefore, for you to get the best fit, consider going down to a half size. As the name suggests, Wolverine 1000 mile boots are meant to give you a thousand miles of wear, and if they are a best fit, they can be worn right out of the box.

For you as a customer to receive best fitting boots, Wolverine has to work with an array of widths. With the help of the Brannock device, we’re able to determine the length and width of your boot. Wolverine width sizing chart is as follows:

BNarrow width
COne width wider than B
DAverage or medium width
EThe narrower of the “wide” widths
EEEWolverine widest width
MEqual to a “D” or medium width
WEqual to an “E” or wide width
EWEqual to an “EEE” or extra wide

Wolverine has boots for both men and women. A look at the size chart for both genders describes foot measured in terms of location i.e. UK, EUR, JPN. Men’s USA shoe size range is between 3 and 16 while with women’s UK, EUR, JPN, you’ll bump into sizes such as 37.5 22.5.

Just like any other form of clothing, before making that purchase, it is advisable to first determine your correct size so that it becomes easier for you to compare against the given size chart.

Your foot size can be measured in inches or centimeters.


You can never be comfortable in shoes that do not fit well. This is why the Wolverine size chart was created .Wolverine 1000 Mile Boots Review : Are They Worth It ?  

Comfort is relative and may range from one individual to the other. Some people prefer loose-fitting width and before you mess up things and land on extra wide boots, get it from the word go.

The moment you decide to purchase a new pair of shoes, it is important to get your feet measured correctly. Most retail stores offer such services to their customers using a device that specifically determines the correct size of your foot.

During the day, your feet are likely to undergo swelling, which is considered normal, and this is the right time to try out your shoe. It’s important to get your size right as poorly fitting shoes may lead to problems such as blisters and corns.

Our feet have an effect on our general gait and posture. Picking the right size on a Wolverine size chart, therefore, ensures that your entire body is comfortably supported as our feet also affect our biomechanics and overall body structure.

The moment you receive your boots, lace them up and try them out indoors. Just to confirm if what you picked on is the correct length and widths, try tapping your heel into the back of your boot. If it feels snug across the ball, in the heel, and around the instep, then that’s a correct fit.