Wolverine 1000 Mile Boots Review : Are They Worth It ?


This is a review of the Wolverine 1000 Mile boots

These boots are a serious investment, and our assessors have owned them for twelve weeks. They have traveled the world and worn them during their journeys.

After examining how well the boots held up under tough conditions, we put together this comprehensive review. These boots were intended to last 1000 miles.

Our review is based on an examination of the Wolverine company founded in 1883. We analyzed how the boots have progressed over the decades.

If you are searching for an in-depth guide to these boots, then continue reading for a thorough assessment of these truly amazing boots that are often rated 5 stars by other companies. 

The boots are strong and formidable. One major feature of these boots is their ability to inspire awe in other people. While wearing the boots every day and using them over a period of time, many people were impressed.

One primary feature is their thick and heavy design. Any user can easily walk 1000 miles in these shoes.

In the upcoming review, we examine how they perform both outdoors and indoors. The welt construction is put under tremendous stress, and we will make sure that you understand the most important features. 

We tested for comfort as well, and readers will be able to make informed decisions about how long it will take them to break in a pair.

Continue reading below if you want to learn about the most important features of these boots.


Wolverines are manufactured from full-grain cowhide. They are a symbol of American footwear and its connection to working men and women in the United States.

Their thoughtful design originated in 1914, and it’s held up for over a century with only minimal updates needed. 

These boots are moderately priced, and they are designed to provide buyers with durable footwear that is aesthetically pleasing and physically tough.

The welt, triple stitching across the vamp, and Vibram heel all combine to make a resilient boot that will last for years. The full-grain hide is also physically appealing.

Wolverines are designed for casual wear. Hikers and outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy them, but they may need to provide adequate repairs on an annual basis. 

Many readers may want to use replacement insoles if they plan on hiking. Major replacements may be needed on average every 3 years.

Users may need to provide more repairs to these boots if they get them wet every day.

The chromexcel leather of the Wolverines will develop a rich patina as the leather ages over the years. They feature a butyl leather sole and a Vibram heel cap.

Wolverine boots are stylish and designed for casual use or as part of a broader clothing ensemble.

These features provide the wearer with a strong grip on a water-resistant boot. Some models also contain Horween genuine leather.

The leather sole on these Wolverines will increase their longevity. The tough leather will last a long time before it is necessary to resole.

Wolverines are comfortable and offer an expanded space in the toe area. The instep and ankle areas are spacious and soft.

These boots are composed of high-quality materials, and this is the best thing about them. With proper care and maintenance, users can expect to use this amazing footwear for decades.


The 1000 Mile Boot has several great features. Let’s take a look at a few.

Types and Styles

Although the 1000 mile boot is often talked about as one type of boot, Wolverine actually has several different styles that you can purchase them in, including:

  • Men’s Original Wolverine 1000: Available in gray and olive, the original Wolverine boots are classic and use a type of vegetable tanning with olive leaf extract oils.
  • Men’s Wolverine Dragon’s Milk x 1000 Mile: If you’re also a fan of Dragon’s Milk Bourbon barrel-aged stout, you may like this limited edition crossover. While the boot features the same handcrafted leather you’d find with other 1000 styles, it’s designed with the same rich colors from Dragon’s Milk stout. The manufacturer also contributes 10% of these boot sales to the Bartender Emergency Assistance Program.
  • Men’s Wolverine 1000 Mile Wedge Boot: Very similar to the traditional design of the 1000 mile boots, this wedge variation includes a wedge outsole. Workers that are looking for a little extra comfort or support while they’re on the job may want to check out this style.
  • Men’s Wolverine 1000 Mile 1940: The 1940 Wolverine Boot is a throwback to one of the original designs that Wolverine used in the 1940s. You’ll notice there’s a triple-stitched contour back, which adds a unique look and better durability.
  • Men’s Wolverine 1000 Mile Cap-Toe: This variation of the Wolverine boot includes a cap-toe design that’s been double-stitched for more support and durability.
  • Men’s Wolverine 1000 Mile Axel Boot: The Axel style features a more rugged design that some customers may appreciate.
  • Men’s Wolverine Evans 1000 Mile Boot: The Evans-style Wolverine boot includes an archival pattern that’s been recreated and updated from Wolverine’s original design in 1914.
  • Men’s Wolverine 1000 Mile Faribault: This is another crossover version of the Wolverine boot, and it includes wool side panels handcrafted from Faribault Woolen Mill. The side panels add a unique design element, but they can also provide better insulation during the colder months.

Regardless of the specific design you pick, all of these styles still feature the same handcrafted leather and timeless Goodyear Welt construction that Wolverine has been known for. 

Keep in mind that Wolverine does include a few other non-boot variations for their 1000 mile line  – including a 1000 mile sneaker and a 1000 mile oxford shoe.


These boots feature Chromexcel leather from the Horween leather company, a reputable tannery with its main office in Chicago, Illinois.

The Horween leather company produces the quality leather featured in this style.

The manufacturer requires months of intensive preparation and labor to produce Chromexcel leather. 

Chromexcel leather is a combined tanned quality leather. Approximately 85 physical and chemical processes are used to produce Chromexcel leather.

Horween uses a facility in Chicago that is EPA compliant and monitored by the City of Chicago. Horween produces their leather ethically and responsibly. 

Chromexcel leather is not only durable and hand-made but it is easily maintained. Users can afford to be rough with their Wolverine boots as long as they treat them regularly with Neatsfoot oil, a product used at Horween during the dying process.

The longer Chromexcel leather is worn, the better it looks. 

The primary benefit of having a boot made of Chromexcel leather is the aesthetic appeal.

After a few months of regular use, the Wolverine boots will develop rich color and texture that will continue to alter over time.

Buyers hoping to purchase a boot composed of rich, high-quality leather should consider a pair of Wolverines.


Wolverines are rugged, durable, and comfortable. Most boots need to be broken in over a long period of time, but these are an exception to this general rule.

Every component of the boots is designed to produce a 5-star model that will not retain scars or scrapes from regular use in different physical environments. 

When you first put on the boots, they shouldn’t be uncomfortable, but you will need to break them in. The longer a user wears them, the more comfortable they become.

They also develop a beautiful patina through exposure to sunlight, rain, and snow. Over time the boots develop physical characteristics that are truly unique.

Prospective buyers do not need to worry about damaging their pair of boots when they go hiking in the mountains or the desert. 

The leather is approximately two millimeters thick, so it will not hurt or damage a prospective buyer’s feet. The leather sole is easy on the feet and does not produce a stiff sensation while walking. 

The comfort and durability of these boots are a worthwhile combination.


Wolverines tend to run larger than average. Therefore, users should order a unit smaller than the average shoe they usually wear.

Most potential buyers will feel comfortable wearing a whole or a half unit smaller.

Some individuals may want to try a pair of boots on in the store if they do not know their shoe size. How Should Boots Fit? Boot Size Chart and Full Fit Guide

Other potential buyers may want to visit a shoe merchant and have their feet measured.

The Wolverine boot is a popular shoe, and many potential buyers should be able to find sample pairs in a store near their home. 

Prospective buyers should feel free to shop around at different merchants.

They also come in two separate widths. Size “D” is intended for normal feet, and size “EEE” is intended for extra wide feet.

If a potential buyer has a wide foot, they need to make sure they choose the “EEE” option when making their purchase.

The foot should feel loose and free inside of the shoe.

The additional sizing options are a great benefit to those with larger or wider feet. Every individual can purchase a pair and feel free and comfortable wearing them.

If users are hesitant to purchase a pair of these boots due to physical peculiarities, they should be encouraged to try on the various size options offered by Wolverine.


Every pair of Wolverines are handmade inside the United States with Horween leather. The Goodyear welt means this boot is going to look strong and durable.

Every user can use these boots extensively in various environments without fear that their new footwear will be irretrievably damaged.

The Vibram rubber heel offers superior support and grip that will adapt to the physical cadence of the owner.

Every pair of Wolverine boots is handcrafted. Potential buyers should understand that purchasing a pair is an investment in footwear that will last decades with proper care and maintenance. 

The boots contain 3-speed hooks and four brass eyelets. These components feel solid and will not loosen or fall off during outdoor hikes.

Users can lace their boots up rapidly and also use the heel lock lace.

This mechanism allows the user to lock the heel in place and stop the heel from slipping.


  • Flat waxed cotton laces from Landrum, South Carolina
  • Smooth ¾ leather sock insert for a strong touch
  • Vibram rubber heel manufactured in the United States
  • Goodyear welt construction
  • Horween genuine leather
  • Manufactured in the United States


The boots are not expensive or over-priced. Most potential buyers can find a pair of Wolverine boots for less than $300.

Merchants often have pairs on sale or at discounted prices, but even at full price, the amount of wear time that you get out of these boots should make up for the cost.

Buyers should understand that the value is related to the performance offered by these boots.

These are an American classic, and the leather is manufactured at one of the most highly regarded tanneries in the United States. 

The cost of manufacturing the boots is factored into the purchase amount, and therefore the price reflects the craftsmanship the manufacturer invested in these boots.


Many potential buyers may be interested in the manufacturing components of this durable footwear, but the aesthetic appeal should not be underestimated.

These boots have retained the same basic design since 1910, and they look great while maintaining consistency over the years. 

The original design contains a slightly arched collar that strikes near the ankle on most wearers.

If the traditional design does not appeal to a potential buyer, then Wolverine offers the Wolverine Workshop, a customization center that allows users to design personalized Wolverine boots. Or, you can always look at some of the Wolverine boot design variations  – including the Wolverine 1000 Mile 1940 Boot or the 1000 Mile Faribault boots. 

Customers can choose Horween genuine leather and Charles F. Stead suede offered in many colors from pink to brown.

The customers can also choose specific monograms, stitching colors, laces, and eyelets. Custom boots have a minimum price of $400.00. 

Wolverine 1000 Mile custom boots are available for both men and women. The components listed below can be customized. 

  • Monogram etchings for the hangtag, tongue, or heel
  • Welt stitch color
  • Upper stitch color
  • Laces
  • Eyelets
  • Outsole
  • Material for the footbed, tongue, heel, vamp, and quarter


The boots are resilient and will last a lifetime with regular maintenance and care. Users can wear their 1000 Mile boot during hiking trips and while running everyday errands.

Many owners report not having to worry about making sure their shoe remains free of wear and tear. 

The 1000 Mile boot is designed to last thousands of miles, and potential owners should not be afraid to live a life of adventure while wearing these.

They are designed to handle rough terrain and long treks across the city.

These are resilient boots, and this quality is the most valuable because it means they will eventually form to the wearer and reflect a unique personality. 

Owners will not have to worry about the leather breaking, shredding, or cracking, regardless of what activity they plan to do.

Construction workers, for instance, that may frequently squat or bend down while they’re on the job shouldn’t need to worry about the leather creasing or cracking when they do so.

The waxed laces will not tear apart, and users can depend on each pair of laces to last a long time.

As the boots age and change with use, the owner will come to identify with their pair of 1000 Mile boots.

This is a priceless quality that readers should keep in mind when choosing a design.


Potential purchasers searching for alternative boots with features comparable to the 1000 Mile boot should consider the options listed below.


The Thursday Boot company produces two popular models: the President and the Captain. The President contains a plain toe, and the Captain features a capped toe.

The President also features Chrome leather, sturdy welt construction, and full glove leather interior lining. These boots are good in both dry and wet weather.

Users who wish to find an alternative to the Wolverine 1000 Miles should consider the Thursday Boot company.



Red Wing boots are classic American shoes with a similar design to the 1000 Mile boots. The Red Wing boots are popular, durable, and stylish.

Potential buyers who want something more suited to an urban environment should investigate the Red Wing Boot company.

This brand may also appeal to women who want to purchase something to match outfits in their wardrobe. These boots work well in both dry and wet weather.


Celebrity investors, stylish design, and impeccable materials all distinguish Taft from other brands. These boots are more delicate and stylish than the Wolverine 1000s.

However, the Viking Boot and Dragon Boot are more rugged styles offered by Taft.

Taft boots are designed for users in urban environments who want to show off a refined pair of boots that will last decades.

These boots work well in both dry and wet weather.


Thorogood boots are primarily designed for working. The 6” Moc Toe is a great design and more rugged than the Wolverine 1000s.

The boots are also manufactured in the United States, and each pair contains a small U.S. flag stitched on its side.

Workers who are searching for an alternative to the 1000 Mile boot should consider purchasing Thorogood boots. These boots also work well in both dry and wet weather.


The 1000 Mile boot can be found online and in department stores like Nordstrom. Potential buyers can find discounts and sales offered by different merchants at different times.

Sales can help prospective purchasers save money.

The Wolverine 1000 Mile boots are popular during all four seasons, and they make wonderful gifts for friends and family members. 

Consider purchasing a rugged, fashionable pair of Wolverine 1000 Mile boots. Every potential owner can explore the different style options offered by the Wolverine company on their website.

No matter how much money a prospective buyer is looking to spend, they can find a pair of boots that suit their needs.  

As potential owners begin searching through the options offered by the Wolverine boot company, they should remember to measure their feet and choose a boot size that is at least a half-size smaller than their regular shoe size for a proper fit. 

They should also remember that they can use these boots for 3 years before having to resole or repair the shoe, saving money on constantly replacing your boots.


The Wolverine 1000 Mile boot  have a history and a reputation as one of the best boots manufactured in the United States. Potential buyers can use these as work boots, hiking boots, or designer boots. Their rugged texture and unique design create a product with longevity and power.

Users cannot go wrong with the Wolverine 1000 Mile boots when looking for a dynamic pair of footwear that can last 3 years before having to be resoled. They can be worn for weeks at a time without having to adjust them to your feet.

The 1000 Mile boot is the original shoe introduced by the Wolverine Boot company in 1910. They are fashionably rugged without looking dated or old-fashioned.

Prospective buyers can walk miles without worry. The full-grain leather is strong and durable.

Potential buyers can use these boots in many different contexts. Outdoor enthusiasts, urban dwellers, and warehouse workers can all reap the benefits offered by the Wolverine 1000 Mile boots.

Men and women can combine the Wolverine 1000 Mile boots with different outfits and styles. The capped toes on the Wolverine 1000 Mile boots add structure, detail, and composure to the boot without making the boot look clunky.

Potential buyers can also purchase a plain toe version, but most owners will benefit from choosing the cap-toe version. If this Wolverine 1000 Mile Boots review made you feel like these are the fit for you, Give Them a Try