Thorogood Boot Sizing Your Guide For The Right Size

Athletes, health care providers, and business professionals all rely on proper footwear, whether this is for functional or aesthetic purposes.

While the type of footwear utilized varies greatly across different professions, making sure your footwear is the right size is essential no matter your line of work.

Many professionals in many different trades industries have relied on Thorogood for their footwear needs, and proper shoe sizing is especially vital in promoting work safety for these individuals.

So we’ll be covering proper Thorogood boot sizing for optimal comfort and well-being.

But let’s first take a look at why Thorogood is the preferred brand of footwear for so many tradesmen.

History of Thorogood Boots

Thorogood was established in 1892 by Albert Weinbrenner as a shoemaker that serves those working in trades, which, at the time, was most working Americans. This company located in Wisconsin is employee-owned, earning Thorogood boots further trust from the blue-collar worker.

Since its inception, Thorogood has been manufacturing shoes that keep its wearers safe. “Job-fitted” was a term and concept coined by the company, providing shoes that function specifically for various jobs, including military boots.

Today, Thorogood offers over 125 different styles of footwear so anyone of any trade can find the right work boot.

These shoes are handcrafted by those who know the trades they build their shoes for. Those involved in trades can trust in the quality of Thorogood boots and focus on the work at hand.

Of course, no matter how good the work boot is, you won’t see the full benefit if it isn’t sized correctly.

The Importance of Properly Sizing Thorogood Boots

Sizing is essential for all footwear. The wrong size can hurt your feet in many ways, with blisters, bunions, and arch issues being just a few of the many problems that can plague your feet with improper shoe sizing.

Sizing correctly can also make or break your standing and walking posture. When our feet are not appropriately supported, our joints connected to our feet are affected, and joints connected to those joints will experience a chain reaction of negative results.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that the wrong shoes can literally affect your entire body.

On the other hand, properly sized footwear will keep our feet safe and well-supported, positively impacting the rest of our anatomy.

All of the above statements apply to a greater degree when it comes to Thorogood boots, making proper Thorogood boot sizing vital.

Boots obtained for work situations are meant to keep our feet safe from hazardous environments and situations.

Those in trades industries are always on their feet, meaning the facts stated above about our shoes affecting our entire body especially prove true for these professionals.

Even with Thorogood boots, a bad fit means your feet will not be appropriately protected or supported, which is an extra hazard that those in skilled trades can do without.

How to Properly Size Thorogood Boots

What is the process for properly sizing Thorogood boots? It will be helpful to understand the makeup of a Thorogood boot for this discussion.

Parts of a Thorogood Boot


This vital part of any shoe makes up the bottom portion of your footwear. Especially with regards to boots, the sole provides much-needed traction.


The shank is located directly above the sole and provides arch support, as well as protection for your feet against punctures.


This part encompasses most of the top portion of your boot, providing insulation and protective cover.


The heel connects to the rear part of the sole, and its size and shape vary depending on your profession, with some boots featuring a raised heel.


Eyelets provide a way to tie your laces in different ways and help prevent the laces’ shredding.

Pull tab

This part of the boot located on the rear uppermost portion of your footwear assists with putting on your boots.

Toe box

The toe box is aptly located where your toes will be in the boot and provides the structure for this portion of the boot, and contains safety toe caps.


The tongue is the flap on your boot that provides coverage for the top of your feet and allows for foot mobility.


The welt is the meeting point for the sole and the boot’s upper. Thorogood boots tend to last longer because quality materials are used, especially in this part of their products.


This provides the overall shape for your safety boots.

Shoelace Aglet

The Aglet is the plastic tip of your laces. Boot Lace Length : The Ultimate Guide

Heel counter

The heel counter supports your feet in the heel section so that they do not move unnecessarily within the work boot.

Take Measurements

Before you buy boots, it’s necessary to measure your foot size for your Thorogood boot. This process is fairly simple. All you need is a ruler or measuring tape, a marking tool like a pen or pencil, and a piece of blank paper.

Lay your foot on the paper and mark where your heel and your longest toe is. Measure the distance between these two marks in inches, and you have your shoe size!

An important note to remember is that your right and left foot may have a different shoe size. So measure each foot to ensure that both feet are fitted correctly, so your work boots fit well. Take into account the difference in men’s and women’s sizes, as well.

Once you have your measurements, you need to refer to the Thorogood Boot Sizing Guide. This will ensure your boots are as true to size as possible.

Using the Thorogood Boots Sizing Guide

The Thorogood Boot Sizing Guide will assist you in determining both the length and width of your feet with simple sizing directions  – and we’ve also included a sizing chart to make it easy to determine your sized based on inches (and using the sizing guide we’ve linked to above):

Inches (Men’s)Shoe Size (Men’s)Inches (Women’s)Shoe Size (Women’s)
9 ¼68 3/164
9 ½6.58 ⅜4.5
9 ⅝78 ½5
9 ¾7.58 ¾5.5
9 15/1688 ⅞6
10 ⅛8.59 1/166.5
10 ¼99 ¼7
10 7/169.59 ⅜7.5
10 9/16109 ½8
10 ¾10.59 11/168.5
10 15/16119 ⅞9
11 ⅛11.5109.5
11 ¼1210 3/1610
11 9/161310 5/1610.5
11 ⅞1410 ½11
12 3/161510 11/1611.5
12 ½1610 ⅞12

As noted in the guide and the chart above, it’s essential to be sitting so that your weight is off your foot when using the chart.

Comparing your results from the Thorogood sizing chart and your own measurements will help you choose the right size boot, covering both shoe length and shoe width.

Of course, trying on an actual pair of Thorogood boots is the best way to test these measurements from the Thorogood Boot Sizing Guide.

If you want your work boots to fit true to size, take into account your socks. Due to weather or preference, some people may wear thick socks, and some prefer to wear thin socks. Factor this into your Thorogood boots sizing, or you may find that your boots fit poorly.

Indications of Proper Size

How can you tell if your Thorogood boots fit well? A rough guide for Thorogood boots sizing indicating a good fit is having a finger’s width of space past your actual toe to the safety toe cap but no heel slip when walking.

Remember that work boots are meant to fit a bit snugger and that they will loosen as they are worn, meaning it may take time before they are true to size.

Of course, if there is constant discomfort or pain, this is a sign that your Thorogood boots are too small. Factor in the socks you’ll be wearing with these work boots like we mentioned above, as this can change how the boots fit significantly.

On the other hand, if you feel your heel slip out of position or your toes are constantly sliding and hitting the safety toe when walking, this is an indication that your Thorogood boots are too large.

This is uncomfortable for the wearer and is a trip hazard, not something you want on the job. Many trades involve enough potential dangers without your work boots causing an accident!


The significance of your footwear cannot be overstated. They are an indication of your profession and, often, your personality. However, most importantly, suitable footwear, especially work boots, keeps our feet safe and supported.

Especially for those who work in trade industries, quality work boots are essential. For these individuals, Thorogood boots have been a provider of some of the best industrial footwear available.

They are created with these workers in mind and are handcrafted with the highest quality. But even with such great boots, it’s vital to remember the importance of obtaining the correct size for your own needs!