Ariat Boot Size Chart Guide For The Best Fit

Ariat is a popular performance footwear and clothing brand known for its durable and high-quality boots in both women’s and men’s.

Ariat makes a variety of boot styles, including those for western work, English riding, and the outdoors, with various men’s, women’s, and children’s styles.

Whether you are an experienced equestrian or just want a pair of boots for outdoor work, Ariat has a boot for you.

However, before you buy, you should look at a boot size chart and measure your feet to know which pair to get, whether you’re buying women’s or men’s boots.

Why Ariat Boots?

In 1993, two inventive women founded the Ariat brand to change the riding boot world for both women’s and men’s riding.

Their goal was to make innovative boots more comfortable than the stiff, heavy, traditional boots available.

Named after the legendary racehorse, Secretariat, and founded as ‘the New Breed of Boot,’ Ariat now is an award-winning boot company specializing in innovative technology and making the most durable and highest quality boots.

Ariat makes various horseback riding and outdoor work boots and clothing for men, women, and children.

They are a trusted brand among many horseback riders and outdoor workers, and their boots are the perfect addition to any wardrobe. Of course, like any shoe, you’ll need a boot size chart to know which is best for you.

Please keep reading to learn more about Ariat boot sizing for their regular boots, including western work, English paddock boots, and outdoor boots, as well as their tall boots.

This article includes an Ariat size chart for both their regular boots and tall boots. Check out our chart before you go!

Footwear Size Chart for Ariat Boots

Ariat boots generally run bigger than other boots and from your average shoe size.

Suggested sizing for Ariat boots is to either buy boots on the chart at your standard street shoe size or try boots that are a half size smaller. Sometimes, a half size length isn’t good enough. Instead of a half, try a full size down, just to see which feels better.

For example, if you’re an 8.5 42.5 length (US UK), you might want to try an 8, or even go down to a 7.5 41.5 length (US UK).

It’s always a good rule of thumb to check Ariat size charts before buying, and if you can, visit your local store and try on the boots in person before purchasing, which is why we’ve crafted a boot size chart for you.

Make sure to wear the socks and pants you will most likely wear while riding too, and don’t just try one foot.

Instead, put the boots on both feet to really get a good feel! This is especially true if you’re a half size, so you can get a sense if you need to go up or down another half size.

Sizing for the Various Styles of Ariat Boots

Sizing for Ariat boots differs depending on the style of boot, for both women’s and men’s. Paddock riding boots, western work boots, cowboy boots, and outdoor boots are sized similarly to regular boots.

English tall riding boots require fitting both your foot and calf and thus have different sizing rules.

Ariat offers a footwear size chart and boot size chart for these two different sizing categories.

Since most of Ariat’s boots size like regular shoes for both women’s and men’s shoes, their footwear size chart reflects a footwear size.

The men’s and women’s tall boot size charts show both the shoe size and calf size.

Each chart Ariat uses also includes sizing for the US, UK, and Europe. However, the numerical value doesn’t include the size of the width.

Regular Ariat Boot Size Chart

Regular boots from Ariat include their English paddock riding boots, cowboy boots, western work boots, hiking boots, and various outdoor work boots.

The sizing length for these boots is below on the size charts:





Children (Little Kid to Big Kid)


Boot Size Chart Ariat Tall

When fitting tall boots to see which size and width you need to wear, you need to measure both the length of your foot and the length of your calf. For your calf, you need the measurements of both the calf width and calf height.

To determine calf width, measure your calf at the widest part of your calf. To determine calf height, measure your leg height from the floor to directly behind the knee. These instructions apply to both men’s and women’s boots.

In addition, it is a good idea to wear the socks and riding breeches you would regularly wear with the tall boot, to ensure proper fit and that the size of the width is comfortable. Thankfully, there are multiple leg sizes Ariat offers to fit everyone!

Women’s Tall Boot Size Chart:

Foot Size (in US sizes)

Calf width/Calf height*5.566.577.588.599.5
Slim short (SS)12.25/16.512.25/16.512.5/1712.5/1713/17.2513/17.2513.5/17.7513.5/17.75
Reg short (RS)13/16.513/16.513.5/1713.5/1713.75/17.2513.75/17.2514/17.7514/17.75
Full short (FS)13.75/16.513.75/16.514/1714/1714.5/17.514.5/17.515/17.7515/17.75
Wide short(WS)14.5/16.514.5/16.515/1715/1715.5/17.515.5/17.515.75/17.7515.75/17.75
XSlim medium11.5/17.2511.5/17.2511.75/17.7511.75/17.7512.25/1812.25/1812.75/18.512.75/18.5
Slim medium12.25/17.2512.25/17.2512.5/17.7512.5/17.7513/1813/1813.5/18.513.5/18.5
Regular medium13/17.2513/17.2513.5/17.7513.5/17.7513.75/1813.75/1814/18.514/18.5
Full medium14/17.7514/17.7514.5/1814.5/1815/18.515/18.5
Wide medium15/17.7515.5/1815.5/1815.75/18.515.75/18.5
Xslim tall11.75/1912.25/19.2512.25/19.2512.75/19.7512.75/19.75
Slim tall12.5/1913/19.2513/19.2513.5/19.7513.5/19.75
Regular tall13.5/1913.75/19.2513.75/19.2514/19.7514/19.75
Full tall14/1914.5/19.2514.5/19.2515/19.7515/19.75
*measurement in inches

Men’s Tall Boot Size Chart:

Foot Size (in US sizes)

Calf width/Calf height*7-7.58-8.59-9.510-10.511-11.51213
Slim short (SS)13/1813.5/18.513.75/18.7514/19.2514.5/19.7515/2015.5/20.25
Reg short (RS)14/1814.5/18.514.75/18.7515/19.2515.5/19.7516/2016.5/20.25
Slim medium13/19.2513.5/19.7513.75/2014/20.514.5/2115/21.2515.5/21.5
Regular medium14/19.2514.5/19.7514.75/2015/20.515.5/2116/21.2516.5/21.5
Full medium15/19.2515.5/19.7515.75/2016/20.516.5/2117/21.2517.5/21.5
Slim tall13/20.513.5/2113.75/21.2514/21.7514.5/22.2515/22.515.5/22.75
Regular tall14/20.514.5/2114.75/21.2515/21.7515.5/22.2516/22.516.5/22.75
*measurement in inches

How to Tell if Your Boot Fits Properly

There are so many styles, sizes, and shapes of boots to choose from, so finding the perfect size and width to wear can be difficult. When trying on Ariat boots, there are a few things you can do to ensure they fit well and are comfortable.

First, confirm your foot measurements and determine what size(s) you should try based on Ariat’s boot size chart.

When trying on the boots, put the boot on, and then stand comfortably. There should be some heel lift, but not too much that they feel like a high-heeled shoe. The ideal heel lift is 1/8th of an inch.

As you wear the boots, place a sideways thumb between the tip of your toe and the front end of the boot.

This measurement is the correct amount of space between your toes and the end of the boot. If there is not enough space there, your toes will feel crowded, and the boots won’t be comfortable for long periods.

If there is too much space, your feet might shift too much in the boots.

In addition, when checking for this toe space, also check that the ball of your foot rests on the widest part of the boot as you wear them.

Then stand up, walk around, and determine the boots’ comfort, fit, and support. This will help determine if you have the right size!

Remember that the size of the width is just as important as the size of the length of the Ariat boot.

Wrapping Up

Work and riding boots can be a considerable investment, so purchasing from reputable, respected brands should bring some peace of mind.

Ariat is a trusted brand for both safety and comfort, and their boots, when taken care of properly, will last for years.

Just be sure you review the size chart and have the correct size before you invest in a pair!

Remember that they size a bit big compared to the size chart, so check your length and width! Be sure to keep an eye out for special deals and free shipping on these amazing boots!


Frequently asked questions about sizing for Ariat boots include:

  • Are Ariat shoes true to size?
    • Ariat boots tend to run a bit larger than other brands, so suggested sizing is true to size or ordering half a size smaller than your normal shoe size. Always double check the size of the width as well.
  • How do I measure the size of my foot for Ariat boots?
    • Measuring the size of your feet for Ariat boots is just a few simple steps away. First, wear the socks you’ll most likely wear with your boots to ensure you have the right size and width. Then, place each foot on a piece of paper and trace them. Measure the width and length of both feet and determine the correlating size from the size chart that works best for the larger foot.
  • Are boot size and shoe size the same?
    • In general, your boot size should be the same as your shoe size; however, that size can vary based on boot style, boot brand, and your personal preference.
  • What does the B mean in Ariat boots?
    • In boot sizing, the letters correspond to the width of the boot. For women’s shoes, a B width is standard size width, whereas for men’s shoes, a B width is a narrow width size.